Who else thinks Blizzard has ruined wizard?

The idea is that as you approach 60, you actually have to learn to play instead of just WTFPWNing everything with overpowered gear.


EDIT: However i do feel that most skills r useless, and there's only VERY few (1 or 2) builds that can run inferno
Wow, where to start. lvl 58 right now. Act 2: Hell, and still going through enemies pretty nicely. Had a stump for a while, just had to level up, save money and upgrade.

Ok. It sounds like you are just a bitter gamer man. Wizardry should be done at a range. So load yourself up with skills that allow you to do things from a distance, and use the shields if they pull you in.

Some skills you said you didnt like, or were no good...

Disintegrate, quite useful, especially with chaos nexus, allows you to be run, stop, shoot beams that will always strike a target, and then keep running.

Mirror Imagine with Simulacrum...your images get more life, and I dont know about you, but when used properly, they always chase the images before they chase me, while i stand in behind and unload on them.

Diamond Skin: Crystallize...also useful, lasts long enough and has a low enough recharge time that you an basically use it repeatedly along with energy armor, so long as you leave enough distance for the recharge time to expire before you get hit too much.

Energy Armor: Energy Tap .... gives you a boost of skill power.

Arcane Orb: Obliteration....i have this as my primary weapon, it hits hard and you can fire it from a distance if your aim is solid. Also takes out grouped enemies!

Your 4th skill should be something powerful, personally I go with the archon, its my desperation skill. I think energy twister does the next most damage.

Back all that up ith Evocation, Astral Presence, Galvanizing Ward....or if you like Glass Cannon or Temporal Flux.

If you are getting pwned by certain creatures, either you strategy sucks, your level isnt there yet, your equipment is not up to par, or a compbination of these. Work Harder, Complain Less.
I spec'd to the arcane kite build when i was in nightmare and i honestly can't really tell the difference between nightmare and hell (almost finished up with hell). The easy packs of mobs are still easy and the hard ones are still hard... i'm sure inferno is going to be tough but that's the point. I've always loved kiting classes though, maybe wizard really isn't for you because when played correctly i don't see much of a problem with wizerd and either do the players that have some skill.
35K HP, 90K DPS, 300 Res.

Killing everything before it reaches me... sometimes i have to stutter a bit vs elites... hard game.

Using this build to farm gear in act 3 Inferno and bending siege breaker (loot pinata) over, and almost cleared Azmodan's tower.

At 47k dps and 39k health.

You can still kill some fast mobs with it if they are not too aggressive or quick to hit.

Even killed SOME elite soul rippers but they are mostly to be avoided as they can tongue you through walls they put up and are normally way faster than you.

As for useless skills, pick a build that works with your current stats. I figured if I need to burn unreliable spells like teleport to survive I'm going to die anyway, so might as well go max dps and it's working pretty well.
holy QQ buddy I got to diablo just fine just don't be bad rofl.. rage so hard you come on the forums to cry. its easy... try making a barbarian seriously its a !@#$%. don't get hit and your good to go ive spent prob 400k on gear at 60 and I rofl stomp ^-*!@es.
I think they ruined the class with the inclusion of a useless CHILD RAPING teleport skill. Because the teleport skill is lame.... I think the whole class is pretty lame... pretty boring. Actually come to think of it. D3 is boring. Maybe when some good bots come out, I'll give it a try. But its not fun like D2 was. !@#$ even D1 is more fun. Even the Diablo 1 mod on SC2 is more fun then D3. Talk about devolution. But I do love the world design 100%. The story was great and the lore was fantastic. Anyhow. At least Blizzard repaired SC2 and made it totally awesome! That is all I play as far as Blizzard games are concerned.
after 6 months you can probably just start your own thread.
Ive been thinking from the begining that Witch Doctors and Wizards should get an extra passive/skill slot since that kind of goes along with their theme.

Wizard should get 1 extra skill slot to be able to cast
Witch Doctor should get 1 extra passive slot.

Barbarians and Monks already take 30% less damage than all the other classes, and demon hunters are just very strong as is being they have strong ranged shot ability and evasion.
12/05/2012 11:56 AMPosted by pogi
after 6 months you can probably just start your own thread.

Nah. It shows how not much has changed because the only thing blizzard is good at is finding new ways to nerf us.
Blizzard is an awesome spell, it certainly didn't ruin wizards.

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