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We have temporarily disabled commodity auctions for the gold auction house. Sales of items such as gems and crafting materials have been brisk since the launch and we're currently working on a number of optimizations to improve the speed at which they can be processed. If you happened to have a commodity auction listed prior to this change, you can cancel the listing from the Auctions tab to reclaim the item.

Please note that while commodities are disabled, players who attempt to sell them in the auction house will receive an "auction failed (error 31025)" message.

We recognize that these items are highly desired and are working to make commodities available again as soon as possible. We'll provide further updates within this thread as they become available.
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will the "optimizations" are based on the full auction house will afffect all auctions of all item types and improve speed?
and will you be fixing the stats on the legendary items soon?
Any idea about when they will be back up?
I gave a whole bunch away to some people who needed them, as I was sure I could just replace them at the ah
I understand if there is no eta - just wondering if there is any kind of educated guess
Thank you in advance.
How about Item not in the search list BUG?
I can't sell item for 2 days until they expire
I got an error, I don't remember if it was 31025, yesterday or the day before and I was just trying to put armor on the AH. Was this related to this current problem?
05/23/2012 11:27 PMPosted by Kaks187
and will you be fixing the stats on the legendary items soon?

There's nothing to fix. This isn't WoW, where "Legendary" items are the absolute best available.
But I trade in commodities!

I want to put a call order in on Flawless Topaz!!!
It's a little disappointing, but I can't say I'm all that surprised. Posting commodities has pretty much been my #1 way to get small amounts of instant gold these last few days.
This is poop.
Thanks for the update! Glad to hear you're working on the issue!
This is great news. The Auction House has had a lot of problems since launch dealing with gems, so I hope your changes alleviate our pains!
How about you fix everything wrong with the auction house, useless blizz.
I continue to receive this message:
Only 0 auctions are allowed at one time. Please try again later when at least one of your auctions has ended.

My Auctions and Completed list are no populated.
Woo good luck Blizz!
hahaha you are burnt
Imagine if you were selling things on ebay. The auction is supposed to go for two days, however ebay decides to close unannounced several hours before your auctions were scheduled to finish without giving anyone a chance to place final bids. Would you be angry? Probably, because your items likely sold for way under-value costing you a lot of money. Would you be willing to do business with ebay again? No, you would look elsewhere to sell your goods. Maybe some kind of bartering system that doesn't require placing trust in a non-trustworthy mediator.(a craigslist for D3!)

Well, this is exactly what Blizzard did to thousands of sellers in the AH today. I personally lost several hundred thousand gold as a result. I'm still not sure how you overlooked something so obvious but it does not give me confidence in your ability to execute future repairs. It would have been simple to add time to all active auctions to compensate for the amount of time the AH was down for repairs. Just please, do not mess things up further this time.

btw, the reason I am upset about this is that Blizzard plans to use the auction house for real money trading. As an online auction host were real money is to be exchanged for 'goods', Blizzard and the AH need to be held to the same standards as ebay, amazon, or any other online marketplace. While the amount of gold I lost would probably be worth at most a few dollars in the RMAH, repairs done in this manner might cost people much more when the RMAH is actually open.

It is especially worrisome because this sort of oversight does not fall under the 'there was a small technical error in software or hardware with unexpected wide-reaching effects' category. Most errors of that sort should have been, and probably were, found during beta. Instead this belongs in the 'we don't understand how people actually use the AH and how our actions will impact them' category. That is scary for anyone thinking about trusting the RMAH.
05/24/2012 12:12 AMPosted by polytope
I'm still not sure how you overlooked

setting your minimum bid higher. Always someone else's fault.

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