Torchlight 2 vs Diablo 3

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I really didn't like it at all. And I enjoyed Torchlight 1 very much.

The movement speed is too fast (normally I love quick movement but it just felt jerky and awkward and you could easily run past something)

Too cartoonish (Even Diablo 3 isn't that cartoonish...)

Skills are all absolutely boring (to me at least)...

The one thing I really liked was the Berserker or whatever. The animations of his beast forms were pretty cool looking.
05/24/2012 05:23 AMPosted by Naellme
the graphics in tl2 sucks and it looks like it was made for children.

Judge a game good or not by its graphic is like watching p-o-r-n just for its storyline.
well...GW2 will be my savior after this utter fail
05/24/2012 05:15 AMPosted by Provost
Lineage 3 > all

looks sweet but I wont expect it to be out for a while
The TL2 beta was incredible
05/24/2012 04:44 AMPosted by Pentagram
So is anyone going to play Torchlight 2?

no I played torchlight, and it was trash,i might give a whirl if the pay me to play it.
Torchlight 2 looks more like Diablo 3 than Diablo 3.
I will definitely be buying Torchlight 2. I suspect it may prove to be the better game in many ways and certainly won't be juddering, jerky and hitching due to server lag!!! ;)
I´m above 12 so... no.
Nope, looks bad.
05/24/2012 04:48 AMPosted by KamoteChunks
nope i hate disneyland games :P

Yet you are playing babby's first ARPG
Yes, but not for the reasons you want. I like the ARPG Genre and I loved Torchlight 1. It was well made, the story was simple, and the game play was fun. I'll play it when I need a break from D3 and probably play both back and forth for years to come.
As can we seen in this thread, people doesn't know what a hack & slash game is...

So instead of looking for a similar game like T2... they compare Diablo 3 with Lineage 3, GW2, WoW, and Disneyland games...

Want me to explain why so many complains in this forums?...

MMO players sucks...
I will probably buy it, only $20..sounds good.
TL was great but was lacking multiplayer.

Actually, TL2 will look more what Diablo 3 should have been.

Don't forget that those who did TL, are those that created Diablo and Diablo II.

On a side note; Guild Wars 2 is really good but that's not an ARPG hehe
I'm enjoying Diablo 3 quite a bit. I'll definitely be trying Torchlight 2 out as well, it's only $20.
I played the Torchlight 2 beta, I hate it alot.
I will be trying it, but not for the same reasons, as I love DIII. I am not into monogamous game relationships and prefer to explore and enjoy as many as I can. Thank goodness there is no gamerial disease.

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