"Increased attack speed" items are bugged.

Bug Report
The wording on these items say "Increased attack speed" but don't actually increase your attack speed. For example, goldwrap has 2 different wordings for the same affix and one of them works and the other doesn't. I dont see how this could possibly be intended due to them not being random affixs and something that was actually programmed to have these affixs. Please fix the bug, it is happening on many items.
I can confirm this problem is happening to me as well. As per screenshot below, my shoes rolled a +att speed affix but does not boost my att speed any further.

Seems like only the ones that say "increased" works. The ones that use "increases" don't work.

Noticed this today when Inna's Glory dropped. Putting on has no change in attack speed visually or in the details tab.
Bump, would be nice if this got fixed. Broken gear is annoying.
bump, the attack speed on my boots don't work as well, I can't imagine this being hard to fix.

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