I think i have bad luck

Demon Hunter
So im farming in Act 1 inferno with my mf build 185% total (with max NV) question/problem are legendaries supposed to be easier b/c i havent gotten one yet. And do regular mobs drop rares often with this high amount of MF?

*Note* 20 times of farming still no legendary //set items
if legendaries and set items would drop after 20 times then the game would be done for within a few months, nothing left to farm and nothing left to kill because we would have all the items in the game. i've gotten 5 legendaries through leveling my dh, it was all luck but think about it, 5 out of all the millions of mobs that i killed.
Don't even bother with legendaries. Found three with 98% and they're either lvl 5x uniques or their randomized stats are just utterly useless. Use mf for blues and yellows and sell them in ah.

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