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Demon Hunter
i die quite alot, be it solo or in a party. any tips u guys have for me? i am at the start of act II. i cant find any potion stores either..
Are you using Vault? or Smoke screen?

Also, there should be 5 merchants total in Act 2.

I specifically remember at least 2 of them selling health potions, if not more.
Use smokescreen over vault. Vault is so much more fun, but smokescreen is a lot better. You essentially lose all aggro.
I don't even us potions, vault makes me pretty much dodge everything ever made.
its nice to zone out and just blast away at everything but remember how squishy you are and need to dodge duck dip dive and... dodge those incoming mortar rounds and poison bees...
I use the slowing trap and then vault behind it and basically kite until the enemies die. But I have died quite a few times when I was taken by surprise.

Get a barbarian, monk, or summoner witch doctor to tank the units for you :)
Smokescreen costs too much. I use it as a last resort after all my other defenses fail (like against wallers which block Vault)

- Stay behind your allies, set up a set of Caltrops between yourself and any groups of enemies.

- Use Entangling Shot with the rune for 4 hits. Use it to slow down enemies while you deal some AoE damage. After slowing the initial outside enemies on any nearby groups, spam an AoE hatred spender like Chakram into the slowed group.

- Keep a safe distance between shots. Set up new Caltrops when needed.

- Have Vault ready in case any enemies make it through your slows.

- Have Smokescreen ready in case for some reason all of that fails. This costs the most discipline to use, so it's your last resort.

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