Americas Region Service Issues - 5/15 *Update

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This is getting god damn ridiculous, I leave while the servers are active and come back to them being down. Has occurred 4 times already in the past 20 hours. I don't understand WHO is having these issues "if they even exist". If you were having the issues that they say are occurring, please quote this post and let us know what the issue was!
This is not good for Blizzard with Guild wars II Coming soon. I paid 60 $ for a game I have been able to play for 20 minutes all day.. They need to do some serious make up ! It Also seems to me these problems should of been found during beta testing??
I payed 160$ for this?!?! -_- ...
oh Blizz, how you disappoint me.......
This is of course BS and quite frankly the worst game launch, even EA's KOTOR launch was better than this..
LOL. This is fun. I Finally get to to play and the servers go down... Sucks but we will deal with it.
05/15/2012 09:37 PMPosted by Cerz
Let's all keep in mind that Blizzard will learn from their mistakes, and next time try to do a long beta with lots of testing, or maybe even an open beta test to stress the servers.

Open betas/stress tests don't magically transfer all of the launch day issues to the stress test. It shows the company the kind of issues they can expect, so they can have a dry run on fixing them more quickly. The stress test had identical periods of downtime.
only the america servers are down come on, blizzard you have got to do better then that...
Totally unsurprised. There's a reason the beta went on for so long: issues. The fact that they're cropping up now isn't a shocker, especially with so many people buying the game. Still doesn't excuse the awful launch day.
05/15/2012 09:40 PMPosted by YellowStain
I was able to log in, but my character was gone. Has anyone else experienced this too?

Yeeeep. I hope they come back. wtf
Picked the game up after work late last night. I'm EST so I couldn't play at 3am I had to work. At work all day knowing how fun it's going to go home and play........well. Here I am. Can't log in. Did they really not expect this kind of traffic? Should have had the open beta longer obviously.
Everyone quit your whining! You act like they are doing this on purpose lmfao! Are you all spoiled little 12 year old trust fun babies FFS QQ, go buy another game and complain, us TRUE gamers are ashamed of you all I can GUARANTEE that much!
Glad you mentioned rollbacks. Earlier today I thot I was going crazy. Things didn't seem as I left them. ty for the sanity check :)
What I dont understand is, if they knew how many copies they sold in advance, and with the beta, they could easily get a very good estimate of how many ppl would be on the servers for launch day. So why weren't they prepared for this?
We are aware of Blizzard experiencing issues with Diablo III, allowing users to remain connected, and using in-game features. We are currently pulling our hair off, wondering why on Earth did we decide to buy your retarded game. We will continue to try to get in and flood your servers.

Thank you for the epic failure that this launch has been so far and for the whole time we wasted waiting for your dull-witted so-called techs to actually do something.
The more updates the better!!!

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