Black Rock Ledger... what is this?

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I got this item somewhere in Normal Act 1:

What is it for?
No idea what its for but i have page 42. I also found it in act 1 when i first started.
There are 6 of these. They are in reference to the ABC show LOST. The 6 pages you can find are 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 which are the "numbers" referred to in the show.
The Black Rock ledger was the journal of the first mate of the Black Rock sailing vessel. It is a thick, worn, leatherbound volume with yellowed pages and the word "LEDGER" gilt on the spine.

To the outside world, the ledger is the only surviving artifact of the final voyage of the Black Rock, which was thought to be lost at sea following its departure from Portsmouth, England, March 22, 1845, on a purported trading mission to the Kingdom of Siam. The ledger was discovered in 1852 among the artifacts of pirates on Île Sainte-Marie, an island off the coast of Madagascar, a notorious pirate haven of the time. It eventually came to be owned by Tovard Hanso.

The contents of the ledger were never made public and were unknown to anyone outside the Hanso family until the ledger was sold at a Southfield's auction in 1996 as lot #2342. The ledger sold for £380,000 to bidder #755, Charles Widmore.


to be exactly. If and how they work together i dont know, i'll try getting all of them though, if theres any news on this one from my side, ill post it
I've got page 15.
I want to know what it ends up doing. I like the LOST reference.
I've got pages 4 and 15 so far, I'll keep collecting until I get them all! Got both in Act II (Nightmare) for what it's worth. Hopefully all 6 pages do something special. =)

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