Give us our ANZ Servers!!!!

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Is that too much to ask for? after seeing so many support from ANZ and SEA? Srsly I'm really really sad about the 300~850ish ping.... it's like 2 secs after every skills and dmgs "were made/done". Tried enjoying the game... but the lagness won't allow me to

Maybe we should start a petition? Any thoughts on this guys?
(Just saying)

As spoken below in post #16, removed no SEA servers, bcuz it's likely worse than US.
Come on Blizzard, let us Aussies know what are you planning to do with the servers, dont be stingy. Millions copies were bought in Australia even though the price tag is over-priced. We show our support with our wallet, and you give us a crappy server?
I'm playing between 200-400 ping. Enjoyed every second of the game.
05/16/2012 04:38 AMPosted by Maliken
I'm playing between 200-400 ping. Enjoyed every second of the game.

you sir, have to understand not EVERYONE PLAYING WITH 200-400 like you can.

I have a solid 8.4 MBps dwnld speed and 0.9 MBps upld speed (according to Yet I am able to enjoy any other game without lagness. D3 servers just fail me.
At one point I was at 2000 lag. Very disappointed
I would love an AU/NZ server.
For those who kept saying the game is fine: do you mind if bliz end up giving us a local server? if not, shut up. You are cutting our chances everytime u show off ur awesome speed. The rest of us, unlike you, need the help of a local server. If you are so selfish you cant understand that, i cant help you.

i apologize if i sound frustrated, but all of us who are feeling the pain of latency are frustrated.
Agreed! Give us a server already! Making me hate Diablo 3, its enough they've made it online only! Freakin' joke!
yes please give us our own server, right here in AU so that we can transfer and be happy.. cant connect right now cause the server is full, having the whole freaking 2 continents into one server thats ridiculous..!!!
Oceania server kthnx
I would like to support the notion as well, we got a big gaming community here and i think it's not unreasonable to ask for our own server. ^w^

Au/NZL NEED our own servers!

Pay attention to your clients in Australasia!

Anything less than supporting us by providing our own servers isnt living up to your values, is it!!!>?
Playing at 240-250ms, same as wow, have no major issues at present... but I've been messing around a bit experimenting with dodging and that seems awkward to me.

I'm not particularly practiced at this style of game anymore, but I suspect we won't be seeing anywhere near the same number of oceanic players going competitively at the top-end difficulty levels as other regions. There's no way in hell I'd bother with Hardcore.
definitely NO WAY in HELL to do hardcore at present, they should provide a local link and allow transfers, or just prop up a local server linked to the US ones on a decent pipe.
05/16/2012 04:38 AMPosted by Maliken
I'm playing between 200-400 ping. Enjoyed every second of the game.

Im playing with 200-400 ping and the lag is still ruining the game for me

and it is the D3 servers.

Big eff-up this game so far...
perth, western australia here. playing on americas region with 480ish ping mostly, spiking periodically up to 1600 about 30% of the time.

it's impossible to use my demon-hunter's vault to dodge anything effectively and i routinely die while rubber-banding back into traps i could have avoided or swarms of projectiles i've already walked around.

It's downright retarded that paying customers should have to put up with this, if blizzard's vaunted MMO infrastructure cant handle it, then just give us offline single-player and/or LAN, because the writing's on the wall: ONLINE ONLY IS NOT CUTTING IT. Blizzard, If you needed time to sort this out, you should have pushed it back again, but letting us pay for something that barely functions? you're worse than the dodgy used-car salesman in Roal Dahl's 'Matilda'.

Consumer Protection ought to do something about you. something Expensive.

seriously, add some invasive DRM if you want guys, anything short of Origin and i'd be fine with it, but for Baal's sake stop expecting us to route our gameplay halfway across the world and back when your servers are already at capacity locally.
No we don't want SEA servers. SEA based servers are often worse than US servers. Please don't request things you know little about.

What we need is AU/NZ servers.
After the lag I have been experiencing all day today I am on board with this thread. Please give us servers that don't LAG!
Given how good the latency has been at its best (sub 200ms), and how bad it has been at its worst (two minute lagspikes), I'm pretty sure that the bad times are due to server overloading, not due to us being in Australia and the servers being in USia.
05/16/2012 10:22 PMPosted by DunkMaster
After the lag I have been experiencing all day today I am on board with this thread. Please give us servers that don't LAG!

Also ^^ 200-300 i can live with........ but 200 +1500+ i cannot 2-4 sec lag on skill health etc..
What servers are the majority of aussies playing/creating characters on?

Confusing, 'cos Blizzard in their faq has OZ under Americas, but we are physically closer to ASIA?
So where the fruitcake are we mostly on..want to minimise re-recreating characters to play with others.

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