NIghtmare bosses Suffer repeat penalty

Bug Report
Nightmare bosses from what i and everyone i playing on nightmare has noticed is that that none of the bosses drop any rarities.

This is not a matter of MF since it appears that the game handles us killing a boss on nightmare the same as repeating it on normal. Do we halt our progression until you recognize this bug? or do we push on miss all the loot and have a much poorer Diablo 3 experience.

Epic shame Blizzard this should never have been in the game.
^^ I am done playing until they fix this.
This is one thing that has been bugging me also. I thought that nightmare bosses were supposed to drop rares on the first kill just like normal? Does this issue happen in Hell also?
It's the same in Hell I'm afraid, me and a couple mates are past act 2 in Hell, and no rare drops from bosses.
yup been down the same path, and why the heck is there such a savage penalty i can understand not getting like 30 rares each kill, but at least 1 on a repeat would be nice.
we didn't get rares from inferno butcher.
05/18/2012 11:52 PMPosted by klops
we didn't get rares from inferno butcher.

..... :| How was the rares/legendary up to that point, though?

Seems to me we'll just be ignoring the big bad bosses and just farming the "smaller" bad guys instead.

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