Wizard=Dps galore

Focus on getting a high class ruby, magic find/high int combos, and you can constantly upgrade. Be smart and only buy items in the market for 5-15k. I have almost 600 dps and 82% magic find at lvl 30, and everything just dies instantly. Only draw back is health. Always use a shield with high int/magic find.
whats this have to do with dps? lol
Yup, gems are everything. I am lvl 32 and have 690.xx dps, I melt face.
Starting around the last half of act IV, you're gonna wanna blend in some vitality as well - some rare packs can lay down some real hurt... I do agree a shield is a good idea, but I don't think you'd want to do 100% dps.
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Yup, gems are everything. I am lvl 32 and have 690.xx dps, I melt face.

only 600? Me (and most Wizards) have at least 1k dps in the low 30s. That's just my experience though.
Where am I going wrong exactly? My wizard is at level 39 and only has 299.02 DPS.

This seems way off from what you guys have. I'm at 366 Intelligence and 458 Vitality. I haven't really been farming old areas very much just going forward with the best that I find. Should I be spending more time farming? Are random drops the only reason I have such low DPS or am I missing some secret.
If you find yourself wondering where your DPS has gone to, or why everything is taking forever to kill, visit the AH.

Look at any of your items. If they're less than half of your level buy something immediately. If the required level is 75% of your level start looking. If you're switching difficulties first, level twice, then go to AH.
I am twinked out and have 985 dps (buffed) at level 25 :)
i have 8,000 dps at level 57. most enemies in act 2 hell dies pretty quick except for rare mobs or just high hp enemy. played with a wizard the other day who claimed to have 24k dps. i'm sure it's possible, but you will need the right gear to complement your stats and build.

with high dps comes low hp -- unless you come across some might fine gear
Im level 57

15k dps / 18k hp / 4k def

I faceroll mobs in Hell, unless they have immunity, superspeed, invisibility
I'm 60 here 25k DPS 22k HP 3.6k armor - it's possible, it takes a good weapon though for sure :) Mine is an 850ish DPS 2h mace with 218 int and a gem slot for my ruby.

What I always tell people is when I was in nightmare I thought it was kinda challenging and pretty cool... when I got to hell I thought nightmare was easy and hell was pretty tough. When I got to inferno A1, hell became easy... A2... FML >.> It's still fun though :D
36 here - act 1 nightmare

1200 dps unbuffed. yay!
I'm level 35 and do somewhere around 1.6k I think when using enchant weapon.

The biggest things I had overlooked initially in boosting my DPS was the importance of increasing attack speed, the lack of a level-limit with gems (mostly rubies in a weapon), and added damage on rings and amulets. Having +4-8 damage on a ring doesn't seem like much, but when you run it through your attack speed, your skills buffs, and a ridiculous modifier from your intelligence it will become a pretty big factor.

I'm working on my damage by trial and error, and my gear is far from perfect. It would be nice to know a ratio for max damage like [attack speed:base damage:intelligence] as opposed to an equation so people like myself who aren't too math savvy could figure out what gear to look for on the fly.

Edit: I'd also like to add that the filter on the auction house for 'all damage' when searching on rings and amulets doesn't seem to work, and will always yield 'no results' even when you can find items with that modifier when browsing otherwise. Lame.
36 here - act 1 nightmare

1200 dps unbuffed. yay!

how is this possible?
lvl 49
4k+ Dps
14k HP
Beat diablo on NM (when i was lvl 45)
Farming to lvl 50 for hell.
My DPS is only at 1500 I think. But my health is at 18 or 19k. I keep getting wasted in nightmare Act 4. Need more damage probably...
36 here - act 1 nightmare

1200 dps unbuffed. yay!

how is this possible?

AH shopping. The AH is pretty flooded so you can find some decent gear for a good bargain most of the time outside of class specific stuff. For some reason, people think wands should be worth 10x more than any other 1 hander even though they don't really give you a bonus except for the occasional +AP or AP on crit.

Drops in game tend to lag behind your current level pretty often. I browse the AH for a new weapon every time I enter a new act and almost always find a good 2 hander for less than 1k gold.
Lvl 60 since quite a while now. A little above 31.000 damage. I tried to make my wizard more resistant to damage - but realized its not possible. Best to do is build a nice glas cannon. Lots of int and attack speed bonus is what you have to do. Also, you should buy a nice weapon in AH. I'm about to finish Act 2 Inferno with this, so it does work.

All you need is damage and movement skills. I get onehitted by any attack of any mob but alomst do the same :)

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