Wizard=Dps galore

I love how level 30s are telling people their dps and how to play. hahaha.
What exactly do you mean by buffed/unbuffed, are you just talking about Magic Weapon?
Good luck on hell and inferno difficulty when everything 2 shots you while you have 30k health. I'll laugh. Cause it'll happen.
lol just hit level 34 and I'm at 2300 dps buffed

I'm in act 2 NM...

I've just been AH shopping for pure Int items with sockets and putting the best gems in them. I'm pretty sure I've basically maxed the potential my wizard can be at this level
05/17/2012 12:43 AMPosted by Naix
Yup, gems are everything. I am lvl 32 and have 690.xx dps, I melt face.

only 600? Me (and most Wizards) have at least 1k dps in the low 30s. That's just my experience though.

Yep, I'm low 30s and 1200 self buffed with mediocre gear and some gems. Perhaps he isn't glass cannon and magic weapon?

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