The game connection has been lost;

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What is glaringly missing from this thread is a response from Blizzard's side.
I'm still having this issue and tried the steps in the FAQ without the issue being resolved. Anyone have any suggestions on what may be causing it? I've heard thoughts that playing a WW barb (which I do) can cause it. Any confirmation on that or are there any non-WW barbs having the same issue?
having issues too for last couple of days .

I thought it was my barbarians whirlwind build but maybe its just like everything else about this game so far. Servers suck ?
I've been having this issue for the last few days as well and I am running a WW barb. The game has been working pretty much fine since release. Now I basically get disconnected by the time i can get a 5 stack NV. It's super frustrating. I've tried updating drivers, and all the basic troubleshooting steps in the stickies and nothing has seemed to help. I've also used pingplotter to test my connection while I'm playing and I'm not experiencing any packet loss on my end so I have to think it's Blizzard or ISP related. I'm on Comcast in GA.

Can we get some response on this? It really sucks to get DC'd every 10-15min.
This is an issue with their netcode. You cannot do anything about it until they work on it. The last 2 days I've been having this problem, but it's only with Diablo. Traces and meters show everything else is connecting just fine. I've also run 2 other online games at the same time, and they'll be fine, but Diablo will be lagging on a consistent basis and disconnecting every once in awhile.

There are times when your local and/or routes will be having issues, but for most instances... This is a Blizzard issue.
Definately not exclusive to barb ww. Happens with my monk, dh, and wiz. Sometimes takes 5 minutes, sometimes 15, sometimes more. Screen freezes for ~5 mins then get kicked to char screen.

I'm not one of the people who want to quit. I like that good drops are rare. I don't really have that many issues with the gameplay, but these performance issues are forcing me away.
Bump for more exposure. Every single time I play I receive this message and I'm unable to clear act 3 because of it. Very frustrating.
bump, same issue, really want this solved
Getting same issue on my PC, switched to my mac, getting the same issue there.

Something tells me it's not me.
having the same issue here. WW barb, WD & monk. frustrating to get 5 NV stacks and on the sixth kill see the loot and get booted before you can even collect. common blizz, give us a acknowledgement that you know this is happening
oh ok this thing keep happening to after the last patch i noticed.

good to know its not my pc , i thought is was at first ,

game freezes for 5-15 mins , then booted back to the character screens, with Disconnected error ,

please some one help,
bumping 'cause I would like an answer and I'm bored at work :P
same issue here, playing ww barb. very frustating :(
Haven't had a disconnect in 3 days, which wouldn't have happened before. Did Blizzard apply some silent patch to fix something?
I've been having this issue ever since the 1.03 patch. Tonight it has been especially bad. I was playing on both my DH and my WW Barb. It is costing me countless thousands in repairs, and I can't progress due to the constant disconnects and lag spikes.

I run the game using a wireless connection, but I tried it hard wired, and the game actually began disconnecting even faster. I have Charter internet service, and have had technicians out to test my line. They said everything is fine, and I have download speeds up to 50 megs a second and upload speeds up to 4 megs a second.

I have forwarded all of the recommended ports on my router, and it hasn't helped at all. I have a Linksys E3000 router.

I use Microsoft Security Essentials as my antivirus program.

Please Blizzard fix this issue. I can't afford to play the game anymore due to the lag spikes causing me to die or disconnect constantly in inferno, and my DH has previously been able to solo through Siegebreaker in Act III. I'm very disheartened and considering quitting, which would be a loss for Blizzard, because I have made many sales off the real money auction house.
this is getting so tiring. get 5 stacks....disconnected. fix this problem that WW barbs are getting blizz...

oh i forgot, theres more important things than stopping customers from not being able to play.
I might as well pile on....since it's been happening to me for the past week or so....get 5 stacks and boom....disconnected. I played D2 for 8 years, I'd hate to see that I only played D3 for 3 months....

I'm a computer tech/network tech by trade...I know for a fact that it isn't my end....fix this now....or you're going to lose a huge base of dedicated included
Same, I stopped playing for now. I hope blizzard does something soon.
I keep getting this error once every 30 minutes to 1 hour. Cannot farm at all. Please fix it asap.
I'm having the exact issue the op describes started happening today.
I'm in Sydney Australia on iiNet.
Haven't had this issue before, today its every 5 to 60 minutes.
I'm running the WW barb spec also.

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