The game connection has been lost;

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Ok so as someone who was having this problem about every 15 minutes I switch to a 2h weapon. Took of frenzy and whirlwind and havent dc'd since so Im going to think its related to attack speed. Please fix soon cause I <3 whirlwind :(
Barb act 2 norm blood and sand and cant get thru the cave 2 hours running on dc's i am not usually one to complain but cmon blizz this game is amazing isnt there something you can do to make the servers amazing
Same problem.

Only during higher traffic gaming times of the day. Therefore my belief the problem is on Blizzard's end.

No problems whatsoever with other online games. High end system with fast urban connection. More reason the problem is on Blizzard's end.

Since it's likely Blizzard didn't buy enough server infrastructure for launch, it makes sense for these problems to occur during high gaming load.
It's whirlwind for sure.
ok when r they going to fix this ? and i can not join my friend's after this happen!!!
The only downside is whirlwind is pretty well my main damage dealer :(.
Waited another hour, problem still persists. DC'd to hero screen after about 10min this time. Was WW'n fine for about 10min and bam dc'd....

Either thousands and thousands of people have issues with their pc/internet

or (likely reason)

Server/client side on Blizz's end is SERIOUSLY not up to par.

btw no issues on WOW what-so-ever!

tbo, I sort of wish D3 was p2p (ex. $5~10/month) guarantee current issues will be a lot less problematic!!!
05/17/2012 05:25 PMPosted by Neomarl
tbo, I sort of wish D3 was p2p (ex. $5~10/month) guarantee current issues will be a lot less problematic!!!

Are you serious? Blizzard's competence is already very clear these past 2 days and you're thinking of throwing more money at them to hope for a better game experience?

Like others have pointed out Blizz is probably being cheap & not spending on resources! Hence the lack of Blue responses.

Sure, most online games have issues at launch, but that was some-what ironed out on Tuesday with the 3x server maintenance. Played fine with very little DCs till today!

For me today, DCs happen when I fight a large amount of mobs & I ww or right after I ww. Seems like when servers are loaded, server/client packets are really delayed/screwed up - thus causing the dcs.
05/17/2012 05:18 PMPosted by Neomarl
It's whirlwind for sure.

I can also confirm it's whirlwind.

just changed from whirlwind to seismic.... still got D/C
Definitely believe that it's Whirlwind. Been d/c'ing like mad for the past few hours in nightmare a2. Tried going back to a1, and same thing. Tried all the possible fixes with routers, firmware, ports and such with no luck. Finally found this post. Using seismic slam instead of WW seems to have fixed my issue. Over 30 min with no d/c when before was only getting about 2-3 minutes.
Guys it's not whirlwind, I'm a demon hunter so I don't have whirlwind and I'm getting d/c too.
05/17/2012 05:53 PMPosted by JOHNP89
Guys it's not whirlwind, I'm a demon hunter so I don't have whirlwind and I'm getting d/c too.

Ok, Just got another lvl, and was able to get a new rune for Ww. now using windshear and not blood funnel and I've still not dc'd. I'll post another update here in a bit. May not be Whirlwind by itself, but it does seem to be mostly barbarians getting dc'd. If you're not a barb, still try changing up your attacks to see if it helps at all.
Yes. I just tested it. Every whirlwind works EXCEPT the blood one... which IMO is the best one.
Ok, got another DC. Still had a nice run with no d/c though. Gonna go back to seismic slam.
Having this exact same issue right now. I was fine for the first 14 hours Tuesday and Wednesday. Got back from work and got online at 6:45 PM EST. Started playing, about 5 minutes later, I got disconnected. Figuring it was a minor glitch, I got right back on. I got a little further this time before getting disconnected again. I retain my gold, xp, items, and quest progression, but I have to spawn at the checkpoint every time. Its horrible when I'm exploring larger dungeons.
now it just made me drop for using the whirlwind with the tornadoes.
Same problem... get your stuff organized this is horribly unprofessional.

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