The game connection has been lost;

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Bump, same issue as first post.
Getting constant disconnects or massive lag spikes during Belial fight makes it rather impossible. Fix this and general connection problems!
Been playing for the last 3 hrs without DC'n. I've even switched back to WW without any DCs - so it's NOT a class/skill issue.

I've come to the conclusion, that Blizzard servers under peak hrs/under heavy load is not playing nice to certain connections & thus causing the "Network Connection Failure" from the game & back into the Hero screen.

If your connection is far away (ex. another country connecting to ex. US servers), this could be a reason for continual DC even under non-peak hours.

I think this is the reason for the lack of Blue response, because they know that their servers are not up to par.
Same whats going on?
servers under maintenance right now, hopefully they fixed the problem.
Heres a temporaly fix for connnection error with diablo 3.
If you have been removed from the game every 5 minutes there is a fix flushing your DNS.
this glitch usually followed by lost connection and happens anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour before you try the main fix, try to activate general chat in game first, because it can work
how to fix you have been removed from the game in diablo 3
Power off your modem/router for 5 minutes, turn it back on and then perform this command.

Windows XP:
- Click Start and then Run
- Type cmd in the run box and click Ok
- In the Command Console window that has appeared type: ipconfig /flushdns
- After typing the above command, press Enter to execute it and then close the window

Windows Vista / 7
- Click Start, then Programs, then Accessories and then locate Command Promp
- Right-click on Command Prompt; and left-click onRun as Administrator
- In the Command Console window that has appeared type: ipconfig /flushdns
- After typing the above command, press Enter to execute it and then close the window

Flushing the DNS works in some cases, but mostly this issue occurs on computers that are behind a router with NAT.<
Forwarding the ports might or might not help, depending on the router make and model.

Look up DMZ. When you set your computer as a DMZ in your routers config, the router puts your computer on a separate, unsecured network in front of the router essentially as though it were connected to the internet directly instead of through the router.
Its a bad option, and definitely should not be considered long term, since it compromises the security of your machine, but it does resolve the issue in every instance ve seen so fJust after survive from error 37 diablo 3, one of my friends just got diablo 3 error 3014 LOL ------> tryed and works with taht problem but i had the another one. Just catn connect any game T-T
having the same problem here, just downloaded this game, created a character but cant even start the game, it goes into the loading screen and after 5 mins it said the game connection has been lost...i've read some of the posts and ppl are having the same problem connecting through university connection (my uni internet blocked torrent as well). i'm living in a uni dorm and if this problem keeps persisting i can't play diablo at all. blizzard please help.
Now I'm getting this same error. I was playing earlier this morning with my roomie, and we had zero problems. We beat the 1st act NP, and took a break for awhile, and then I got back on and now I can't run my monk without reverting back to where I 1st began act 2. every 10 mins I get DC'd and I loss everything I just got and did and have to start all over again and again. I've lost 2 legendary drops, and that REALLY SUCKS! I don't get those very often and now I've lost 2. Get it together Blizz, get this working again.
Same this just started happening to me last night.
Just happened to me and various friends throughout Support: If there is any support information or report that I can send, please let me know.
Okay so here's an interesting spin on this: My girlfriend's been getting this error for a couple days now, ranging for intermittent to crippling in how commonly it happens. However, I'm playing D3 too and I have never seen this error except on her screen. We're both on the same local network, both using wired connections to the same router.

So, from that we can figure that this is not a connection issue of any kind. This has to be either related to the account or the computer it's played on. If it persists, we'll switch computers for a bit and see who gets it, and then I'll post with that info.
you know your f**ked when people on WIRED connections start disconnecting.
Seriously ready to explode. Have been waiting all week to play the game and now I can't play for more than 15 mins at a time.

Same problem. What to do, What to do?

Blizz Plz help
Same problem here. I have been posting all over the forum but got no respond.
I'm tired of asking for help form blizzard. Now all I want is my $60 back. This is why games used to have demos, and why games are pirated today. I'm not a damn beta tester.
I can make my client disconnect using whirlwind on my barb. The second I hit it, the game disconnects.
Disconnected. This sucks. Pound sand, Blizzard.

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