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I have installed the game twice since I bought it, and both times I have been able to successfully play the game immediately after it installs. Unfortunately any time I try to open the game after that first session, it crashes with the message "An unexpected Error has occurred while updating required files. Please try again." I have turned off my anti virus and firewall software, I am connected to the internet by Ethernet cable, I've tried redownloading the agent and client files as well as reinstalling the game completely, and I'm out of ideas.

I am running on Mac OS X 10.6.8, please help
I am experiencing the same problem too.

I'm on a 2.4 GHz Macbook running 10.6.8. I finally got it running but that was after opening it up several times and hoping that the darn thing would launch. I wish I could bypass the launcher but several times I would get a connection error before the game launched. It's still a big problem and I didn't do anything to "fix" it. I just crossed my fingers and hoped it would work.

I also have port forwarded D3 and directly connected to my modem. Both changed nothing.
This error mainly occurs when you have FileVault/FileVault 2 enabled or have a case-sensitive HDD.

Do you have any of these options? These are not supported for installation.
Mac Tech Support for Baaaaahlizzard Entertainment | Sun-Thur

This is small step for me, but big step for humanity. Or something like that...
FileVault is turned off on my computer.
Can you post a picture of when this error occurs, as this is the first time I've heard of this happening outside the installation process.
Mac Tech Support for Baaaaahlizzard Entertainment | Sun-Thur

This is small step for me, but big step for humanity. Or something like that...
Here is a screenshot of when it happens (immediately after blizzard launcher opens and begins initializing):

If I try to open it over and over again, I can successfully open the game 1/10 tries, and then play it with no problems. Sometimes I also get the 'failure to initialize' error instead of the 'unexpected error.' Also I do not have FileVault on my computer so no problems there.
If I hit play I will get this message:


I double checked and I certainly don't have a case-sensitive HDD.
If you have Peer Guardian installed make sure you disable it.
Once I launch the game I'm fine. Both nights now I managed to break through the blockade of error messages and played for several hours at a time. But I think I'll have problems as soon as I need to update.
I have the same problem, I installed Diablo 3 last night and managed to play the game, but when I tried today I got that same message as "pokeypierce"

"An unexpected Error has occurred while updating required files. Please try again."...

I don't have peer guardian installed and neither is FileVault on...
I don't have peer guardian. Though I was on a college network and I think their internet client installed some background stuff.
Ok, my 802.1X was interfering with my network settings. As soon as I turned it off Diablo 3 launcher worked perfectly.

Real easy to check if you have 802.1X running. It's found in your Network panel in your system prefs.
802.1X was not on, so I know it wasn't that. Hoping to hear from Blizzard soon, lets see some blue text!
i am having the same problem. i use a macbook, please fix asap
You guys got blue text. They don't know what's going on. Right now there's no way they can know what's going on. You need to either fix it yourself (and share your solution) or work with blizz by supplying error logs to help them figure out what messes with your launcher.

The two major camps of interference seem to be peer-2-peer blockers and file protection.
it's a connection issue. Depending on what firewall settings are active will determine whether the necessary files to boot up Diablo III wil update and allow you to play the game. I just tested two different connections:

1) Work connection :)
2) Tethered from my iPhone.

2 worked out for me and Diablo loaded without any issues.
Thanks for the update about this. This does seem like a connection issue. If you can please answer the following to see if we can find some common factors.

1. Where are you connecting from? (Home, school/college, work, military, etc)
2. How are you connected to the internet? (Wireless, ethernet to modem, ethernet to cable, etc)
3. What type of connection are you on? (Cable, DSL, Satellite, Cellular, etc)
4. Do you have any security applications? (PeerGuardian, Little Snitch, etc)
I am having a similiar problem. when i try to log in it gets stuck at the "connecting to battle net servers" and then kicks me out saying the unexpected error. I too am using a mac. I am connecting from my house. with a wireless connection. it's an AT&T connection.
if it helps here is my "report ID" 75F39477-A48F-438C-878F-34D1600BCC84
i just tried to play diablo an update was available and that downloaded. then it said another was available and gave me the option to either restart or skip i hit restart once i did i then encountered again the unexpected error. ive submitted a ticket along with my system profiler and still havent got a response or solution yet. im connecting from home, wireless, cable, and i do not believe i have any security applications

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