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My boyfriend and I each have our own accounts so that we can have our own player. However, we only have one computer.

So we ordered SoftXpand which is a Multiseat Desktop Virtualization Software. We have two keyboards, two mice, and two monitors.

Basically our problem is that we can't have the client run separately on each user. If we both click on the icon, two screens will pop up for one user (the admin) rather than one client for each. =(

Help, please.
I would like to know about this too...
I just want to start off by saying this is a terribly bad idea. Your computer is going to require IMMENSE graphical prowess to make this even workable.

As for solving it, this is a problem with their software, not yours. Put the game in Windowed mode and see if that fixes it, but it probably won't. That software is a super-hacky window confinement that creates extra mice on the screen. You're still "one user", you're just sharing the same desktop, and most programs have no idea that's what is happening. That's why these sorts of solutions are terrible.
Well okay, first of all how much graphical prowess do you think is necessary? We might have that covered. lol :)

And second of all, I see what you're saying about the "one user" thing, but is there any way to do what we're trying to do? Maybe combining it with how people multibox? Isn't that essentially two game clients on the same user? Or am I understanding that wrong? =/
Multiboxers usually use 3rd party programs to copy actions over for the followers and since they're being strict about using any mods or additional programs in D3, I don't think it would work.
i'm just starting to work on this same thing. I have an intel i7 930, 6gb of ram, and one gtx 480 and i can say two instances work just fine on my system without any additional software.

the issue is the inputs. only the active window gets the inputs, so you can't play them both at the same time.

so i too got softxpand and am testing. this solves the input problem nicely.
Trinity; the solution to your issue is changing the shortcut for diablo from the launcher to the game exe and adding -launch after it ie: "c:\games\diablo iii\diablo iii.exe" -launch

this will allow you to run two instances, and in softxpand allows the process to start in the second user environment.

the issue i now have is that the main environment works fine, but the second instance will not actually enter the gaming field. not sure why yet
mission accomplished:

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