Shadow Power, what is the point?

Demon Hunter
I must be missing something about this skill, because it seems pretty pointless.

For 3 seconds, you get 20% of your damage dealt as life.

Thats it?

Unless I'm missing something this has to be the most useless skill I've seen so far.
It seems underwhelming, but it can essentially act has a heroic potion if you use it with delayed aoe effects and attacks that hit a large amount of enemies.

For instance, fire a few hungering arrows, hit shadow power, and you get off two shots of multishot at a group of say, seven enemies, at 400 damage each

Assuming the hungering arrows hit three enemies twice, and the multishot hits all seven enemies, that's (400*6)+(400*14)*.20 = 1600 health.

Call it theorycrafting, but I've done it before.

That from a skill with no cooldown and a fairly low discipline cost means you can usually reliably do that a few times every minute, which can be really helpful.

I can also see it pretty useful for tanking an enemy for a short time with something like rapid fire.
Shadow Power, Rapid Fire, full health
Very useful when you can rune it to allow you to take reduced damage (Gloom rune). I find myself using it a LOT in hell. It's basically an "oh !@#$ I am taking too much damage from something halp" button.
I use it when soloing difficult bosses, it's my only form of heal besides my 1 potion per min or whatever it is.
Shadow Power, Rapid Fire, full health
I've found that it heals for a decent amount with rapid fire or elemental arrow (ball lightning or frost arrow).

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