Frost Arrow seems to be our best ability(IMO)

Demon Hunter
Ever since I switched to Frost Arrow, i literally do not need any other offensive abilities (other than HA when i occasionally run out of hatred), and i have yet to die as i progress quickly through nightmare.

Good single target damage, good AOE, a slowing CC, very low Hatred cost, spammable, and even instant cast

How can any other ability match the incredible usefulness and versatility of Frost Arrow?!
you say that till a mob has frost resistance.
^ this. Those god damn mobs with frost powers...
it burns through my hatred pretty quickly but then again i love spamming multishot so hey idk idk idk this is crazy but idk
prefer the ball lightning myself...
05/18/2012 05:57 PMPosted by Wariur
prefer the ball lightning myself...

Same here, Frost Arrow is nice as well but requires a better line of sight and for you to hit the front target in order to hit the back ones. Slow is nice too but I use the 4 shot Entangling Shot that I can do a quick spam. Or use Fan of Knives.

I can spam a corner with my Ball Lightning then walk in and pick up my gold.

Also i can't see the appeal of Multishot. 40 Hatred for decent damage, while you can get 4 Elemental Arrows out for that same cost. Maybe if you rune it to 20 Hatred it's OK. Or rune it for Discipline restoring and cycle a Preparation runed with Hatred restoring. But that sounds like a lot of work when I can just Mark of Death and spam Ball Lightning.
05/18/2012 05:53 PMPosted by Stirbend
you say that till a mob has frost resistance.

A legitimate concern, but I just keep cinder arrow on my HA and i go back to never having a problem :)
Lightning ball all the way. With an occasional Smoke Screen or Caltrops. I noticed the Ball Lightning damage frequency is based on attack speed which if high enough can be used without ever worrying about generating enough hate to spend it all... Keeping your bat familiar out makes it even more so (but who DOESNT love their ferret?).
Some are forgeting the 20% extra damage to snared targets from perks. Frost arrow+snare is very powerful. The lighitng shot is great for indoor corner shots, but more open areas I perfer the frost arrow with the bat and bola shot. Threading them together is just insane amouts of damage.
I actually think Twin Chakrams is the best ability 200% dmg for only 10 hatred with a huge range and pretty wide width, in comparison multishot is pretty bad.
Chakrams suck in tight hallways and never reliable when you need it to hit but in open areas it shines. Multishot always hits and is reliable. I dont think anybody uses any rune besides the -50% hatred one.
I don't understand the love for Lightning Ball over Fire at Will Multishot...

Lightning Ball does not do 155% damage each time it hits an enemy, it does half of that. VERY OFTEN it will hit twice, meaning you get the 155% damage, but sometimes it won't. I was very disappointed when I found this out. Meanwhile, Fire at Will Multishot hits a massive area (you'll probably get twice as many enemies) and does a guaranteed 165% damage to all of them.

Fire at will Multishot = 165% wep dmg 20 hatred
Ball lightning elemental arrow = 155% wep dmg 10 hatred

2 elemental arrows for the cost of one multi shot meaning if you are right and we need 2 hits to get the full 155% that would mean because I shoot 2 EA for each of your MS I will always get 155% dmg with the added bonus of very often getting another 155% dmg on top.
Because it's about positioning.

In later difficulties, you're not going to be pointlolclicking everything.
You'll be moving.

Which direction? Usually away, correct?
What shape of mobs form when they are chasing you?

A line.

Think about it.

Per situation basis, you won't see mobs standing laterally, civil-war style, as much as the former.

Even if you have a tank and mobs are in a glob together, you're losing DPS as you're clearing a wave of a specific portion of the "fan" shape of the skill (looks to be a 35 degree arc).

This will hit the first wave of mobs and completely miss the ones in the back -- lightning ball will. Plus it's cheaper resource cost.
I don't think it does half damage. It's your attack range. Unless you have say a bow that does 26-26 damage, you wont always get that top hit. There is no half hit on Ball Lightning.
Ball Lightning also pierces.

I can see MS holding it's own if manage your Hatred right, but if I was doing that well on Hatred I'd probably grab Cluster Arrow.
I like to switch abilities for the occasion. Tight hallways BL, Open area MS, Feeling like a badass: cluster.
Correcting myself, after testing with MS, it does seem to pierce and hit past the first layer.
May have to revise...
MS does pierce, thats how igot my 30 kills in 1 shot achievment
i tried Frost Arrow and Multishot (w/ that reduce cost Rune) ... i did not like both as much as i like Lightning Ball ... and next to that, i like twin chakrams.

FA just did not do as much damage as lightning ball, though its good for single enemies.

Multishot just werent as effective in tight corridors

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