need to upgrade 260, need some advice

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I have a GTX 260 currently and the performance isn't great in some areas with 4 people all casting crazy spells. I don't want to spend too much, around the $200 price range or a bit less would be ideal, but if you see a graphics card that is worth the money for a bit more, I would be willing to listen.

Also, if you can use this website to find it, thanks!
probably one of these two

or if you have any ebay account I would go for a HD 6950 they are around $200 and better then both of those two
is 560 the go to card right now? I'm really stumped as to which one to get
what price range are you looking at exactly? would you prefer nvidia or amd?
HD 6870 / GTX 560 is the best bang for the buck atm.

Ensure your power supply can handle them, although seeing you have GTX 260, it should be OK.

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