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Demon Hunter
I notice almost everyone is using elective mode but I'm really hesitant to enable it. My main reason for not using elective mode is because I'm really only playing D3 for the PvP when it's released, and I don't think elective mode will be useable in arena. I'm only up to act 4 on nightmare which I don't feel requires the use of elective mode to clear. Plus, I don't want to bank on elective mode and have it taken away from me when PvP comes out. So i was just wondering, how does the rest of the DH community feel about elective mode? Do you think it's cheap?
Correct me if im wrong but isnt elective mode just having a different hotkey set for a command? If thats the case im fine with all the default keys, how is EM advantageous?
Though you're probably just a parasprite.

Why would they take out Elective Mode for pvp?

All it does it just make your build more customizable, I don't even know why they made it and option in the first place instead of just having it on all the time.

For everyone else who don't understand what elective mode does. It lets to place your skills where ever in your hot bar and lets you have more than one skill from each tree.
You arent using it because you have a hunch that you wont be able to use it in PvP? So using it now would make you unable to adapt if you random theory ever came to fruition?

Are you basing this assumption on any fact?

Either way I think you are using flawed logic. Dont be silly, use it now and then if you cant when they introduce PvP then you will have to change.

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