level 60 only wizards...wuts ur dps and hps?

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still looking for a comfortable build:(
37k hp 16k dps
27k hp
27k dps

unbuffed. killed belial last night.
27k hp
27k dps

unbuffed. killed belial last nigh

did you solo it in inferno mode?
31k hp 32k dps
37k hp 38k dps (magic weapon in build)
31k DPS / 22k HP (still can't get trough ACT2 INF)
just hit 60

36k hp / 8k dps
I didn't think I'm that high but apparently I am.

31k HP 40k DPS w/ magic weapon
this thread is useless without armor/res info but i'm at 40k hp 30k dps
36k HP, 23k dps
Why do so many people have under 20k HP?

41k HP, 22k DPS.
35k hp, 45k dps.
32.9k HP / 26k DPS / 7k Armor / 130-230 All resists

Hit level 60 yesterday. Tore through Act 1 with 0 deaths, Having varying success in Act 2 due to wider open spaces.

Using Blizzard/Venom Hydra build with Ray of Frost and Cold Blood rune aswell as Cold Blood passive.
40k hp 40k dps, magic weapon modifier
48k dps and 36k hp
72k DPS, 23k hp

I usually stream all my solo inferno runs.

those stats are crazy, i must be missing something
33K HP. almost 9K damage.
30k Hp, 49k DPS

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