level 60 only wizards...wuts ur dps and hps?

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22k HP and 26k with no attack speed increases and no buffs..
27k hp, 54k dps
22k dps and 35k hp with good resists
still dying in inferno
15k hp 56k DPS
31k hp, 48k dps buffed
just hit 60 yesterday

45k life
18k dps
32k HP / 22k Damage prebuff

I had 42k HP but I recently swapped out to a 2-hand staff to gain 5k more damage so I lost 300 vit points.
28K HP and 44K DPS with magic weapon, 49.5K fully buffed, 34K unbuffed, 1.55 APS.
25k HP, 25k DPS buffed
I find it odd no one mentions their resists in this thread. Pretty important I would think.

I am at 46k hp, 18k damage, 275-375 resists

With a shield as well about 60% dmg reduction from armor.
EDIT: this is with Magic Weapon and Energy Armor with Prismatic Rune

27k HP 31k DPS
790-880 Resist / 8K Def
Hit 60 today.

40K Health
10K DPS (buffed)
67% damage reduction from Armor
10k damage 48k HP Stacking physical resistance + using 1h with shield + blur passive + Energy armor resistance rune.
Uhh, 51k dps 24k HP, only like 500 regen. Pretty much just kite everything past a2 inferno.
23,671 damage without buffs, 30,770 with just Force Weapon, 33,610 with Force Weapon+Sparkflint Familiar. I have 25,710 HP.

Technically I could get my damage higher with +attack speed gear but I am using an arcane orb build so I wouldn't think attack speed would help a whole lot.
4.4k armor 400 resist all 32k dps buffed 34k HP
23k Hp, 30k DPS
37k hp / 25k dps unbuffed
30k HP, 50k DPS buffed
35k dps 21k hp

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