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Global play would be a treat if you didn't have to create a new character for each server. That's just stupid. Couldn't Blizzard find a way to go around this?
Yeah but when do we get the real money AH. Ive already turned general chat off for good since theres already people like trying to sell gold and gear outside the game open the real money ah so we dont have to put up with them ty. They are the reason people get hacked they did it in WOW and FB games and now are targeting diablo3.
All I know is I put 60 dollars into this game already. Since they wont fix the problems with errors or the extrememly weak skills or the fact that there is no customization beyond NM, I will not put money into the RMAH just to get all my items HACKED. It takes them hours to roll back an account (24 to be exact) Dont give BLizz anymore of your money until they start showing promize.
Re install game.
I played all day yesterday on my day off. I did not encounter even a tiny bit of lag.
If you are whining about lag you should look to your own connection.

Keep up the awesome work, Blizz.

I was on all day yesterday too, and didn't have a problem. I don't even have a new machine and I'm fairly certain that none of my software is up to date.
The only problem I had was the initial install.
I tried to download from the DVD but after a few failed attempts I picked up the client and threw the DVD across the room. Smooth sailing from there.
Why? who ever is dumb enough to Use the RMAH is STUPID. why pay REAL money for something that can be grinded, to get in game. this is blizards worst idea.(or whoever that came up with it) in game gold is the best way Blizz. sorry thats just my opinion.
Awesome thanks for sharing :)
Blizzard, why even think of mentioning RMAH whilst the AH is so bug-ridden? If you have any respect whatsoever for your customers, you will get AH working. Then, and only then, mention RMAH again.
I don't expect anything beyond a vague response -- but are there any more features planned or in development for the auction house, aside from adding the real money?

If you can go into more detail, I'm interested in the possibility of buy orders being added to the commodity market. A buy order is the ability to place funds to purchase something when it is offered at a price you find acceptable.

Currently, if I want 30 flawless square rubies for less than 5,000 gold each, I have to sit at the auction house and spam refresh for a low enough price to become available. As a related annoyance, someone looking to sell rubies has no basis for determining the best price to sell them at, other than the current low offer. A determined seller will sit and refresh the market for several minutes to see highs and lows, but it shouldn't be a chore to use the market.

But more troubling, this inability to buy a commodity unattended is the cause of a great deal of market volatility.

I'm sure developers can see more detailed market statistics than me, my interpretation from the limited market data available is the values of goods are rising and falling based on peak playing times -- that is, casual players are currently the largest population of market buyers, with speculative traders coming in second (though the largest volume of trades belongs to the latter, smaller group). The largest sellers are hardcore players that continue to farm and offer commodities on the auction house during non-peak periods.

The behavior of these groups creates a pattern where commodities sell for the lowest prices when server population is the lowest, as sellers without a floor value continue to reduce offers, since they have no basis to judge value other than sell orders. During these periods, speculators will buy the commodities in large volumes, then attempt to sell them at the market highs during peak play times.

My theory is buy orders were left out of the commodity market because the designers didn't want to create a speculative market game, they wanted to make a dungeon crawler -- but the result of this is a larger amount of market volatility, with an even more profitable speculation game going on for those who wish to compile the data themselves.

A small disclaimer -- I've made a little over 2 million gold through speculative trades in the gem market, having started with a 50k gold investment.
I would use it but the keyword is trust, and that i do not.
even though global play is now live. why do i still encounter error 12? i can play in asia and eu servers but in the americas i cannot log in to it? whats the problem?
even though global play is now live. why do i still encounter error 12? i can play in asia and eu servers but in the americas i cannot log in to it? whats the problem?
What currencies will be available for Asia players?

My situation: I am an expat who spends most of the year in mainland China. I have accounts in USD and RMB, and paid with an American credit card (hence home region America). I presume in order to change region, I need to provide proof of residency; I can provide a residence permit for my current location.

However, even if changed to Asia as my home region, if neither USD or RMB are accepted currencies at the auction house, I would be rather screwed, and unable to throw more money at you. Similarly, if I stay in the American region, where I am unlikely to have a bunch of lvl 60s in a few months to pimp out, I will not be able to throw more money at you either.

So, as an old Diablo fan who considers throwing money at you to be a nice apology for having played so much DotA (I did buy two copies of TFT, though), what should I do? Obviously, if USD/RMB are acceptable in Asia, I'm good. If I can play with a tolerable amount of lag on US west coast servers, I'm good. Otherwise.... help me, Blizzard.
So had 10 items listed, all disappeared, my completed log is now blank, and I cannot sell anything because it says I have no slots open, but under auctions eveything is blank, so blizzard stole my 10 items and says I cant sell anything any more =(. Is this how RMAH is going to work? Steal peoples items and their real money?
Cool story, blue.

Now, tell me a story about IP spoofing.
If you guys really flip the switch for the RMAH while this game needs so much, SO MUCH work, then you have forsaken yourselves.
Opening day is the 15th? Currency was already implemented in BETA. So BLIZZ who is sleeping on JOB? I like to know. why it's delayed 2 WEEKS!

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