Auction House Error

Bug Report
Sorry I can't recall the exact number the error was.

I bought 2 amethysts for 7000 a piece and it said error and then I think something such and such unsuccessful... it took my money so I figure it will do the usual refund thing, which is no big deal and I don't mind that part. But whats odd is it says on the auctions tab that I have placed a bid for the amethyst at 7000, I am not winning, and the other bid is ZERO.

Makes no sense
What I also don't really get, and this is less bug related, but when I bid 11000 for an item, and I have 17000 in my bank, it drops me down to 6000.. that is okay.

So and so ups the bid to 12000... that is okay.

I should be able to up my current bid of 11000 to 13000 just by adding 2000 more to my current bid... not a whole 13000 more, no?

This seems like the basics of bidding to me but struck me as odd that I'm losing a helm now although I thought I had plenty to back myself up in the final minute.


Disregard this part, I just realized yes, it is delayed, but this auction system seems to work where it sends your money back to you, then you get to re-bid... kindof sucks for the final 30 seconds type of stuff.. though I guess

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