Kite, survive, nuke everything build for Hell

Good day everyone.

I thought I might post my build since I've been having good times rolling with this, and haven't come across an Elite/Champion combination I could not down yet save for when I was in one of the Kulle dungeons in Act 2 Hell with an Elite 'Big guy' (can't quite remember the name) with Immune Minions, Knockback, and Vortex.

The reason I am posting this when so many other threads exist is also because while other builds work, I've had some problems facing certain combinations of affixes with them that I don't have with this build. That's not to say this build can take everything. I think the major "thing"(it could be a problem or a feature) with most builds is that it's not a skeleton key. So sometimes they work and sometimes they don't.

The basis for this build also is not requiring very specific(not to mention sometimes exceedingly costly) gear. I'll list 3 examples of current builds on the forums that have seen much success but I haven't been able to make work as well.

First off, my build;!aUf!YYYZba

  • Magic Missile - Pretty self-explanatory, AP recoverer.
  • Arcane Orb - Now I know a lot of people consider this a useless skill, and yes it doesn't do a lot of damage but it does one thing very well, it allows one to damage a cluster and be constantly on the move. Tap the source is necessary since my mana pool is low to begin with.
  • Energy Armour, Magic Weapon, Diamond Skin - Self-explanatory, almost mandatory.
  • Familiar with Ancient Guardian - NOW, this is where I see the most deviation and why I think this build works so well in the survival department. I would've liked to use this slot for Hydra, I do miss having the Hydra, but at the same time, in so far as I've been using this(cleared act 2 Hell solo but of course changed up slightly for Belial), I haven't seen the need to pot. Relying instead on my mediocre health regen(about 300+ per tick), health globes and Templar.
  • Blur and Galvanising Ward - Another mandatory bunch.
  • Temporal Flux - Since my 2 damage spells and Familiar deal arcane damage, this becomes the snare-enabler.
  • I've had no problems personally with certain combinations that are both annoying and have been known to be the bane of certain other builds.

    i.e. Molten, Plagued, Fire Chains, Arcane Enchanted, Waller, Jailer, Teleport, Vortex, Fast, Illusionist, Extra Health, Frozen, Knockback.

    The only known issues I have with this build is when I'm facing;

    Immune Minions - If I can't do damage with Magic Missile, I can't slow nor get back AP. And sometimes the elite doesn't cluster with his minions so my Arcane Orb doesn't hit him either.

    My usual 'rotation' is to first spam Arcane Orb til' I have no more AP(can get off about 5), kite and shoot MM, and use AO whenever possible. I only use Diamond Skin if I get trapped(i.e. walled-in, jailed) OR to regen AP faster by tanking them for 5 seconds.

    Items required, not much. High vit, low vit doesn't quite matter. Although I am slowly speccing towards lower and lower vit. The main weapon ought to be either a 1h dagger, sword or wand. Fast attack speed is crucial since you're not channelling anything, and it makes a huge difference in firing off MMs or AOs while kiting. Don't believe me? Try it with a 1.25 aps 2h and a 1.60 aps 1h. There is almost no delay when firing with a fast 1h.
    Now the builds that I've tried, and while very very good, I haven't been able to make them work for as many situations as I have my own. That's not to say mine is better, just that I may lack the skill/ability to play them effectively.

    1. The Blizzard/Hydra build of Ellohime fame;
    Thread here:

    The problem I had was with teleporting, vortex, or fast mobs. Blizzard uses 35 AP and is expensive to cast. I PERSONALLY feel that the only viable runes for Blizzard are either Frozen Solid, Stark Winter or Unrelenting Storm. And not being able to keep one step ahead to regenerate AP or just to cast Electrocute or Blizzard can sometimes lead to death. The actual area of effect is also really small.

    The biggest problem I had was sometimes not having enough places to kite to. Of course my build suffers from this problem as well, but because I don't have to space the Blizzards out, I need far less space to run around in.

    2. The low hp/high hp regen build of unknown-to-me fame;
    First thread Google links me to:

    Gearing up for this and re-working all your items to revolve around high hp regen and low or preferably no vit is incredibly expensive not to mention time-consuming since this build is no longer fresh off the factory floor and a lot of Wizards are gearing towards this. Estimates for the total cost go from anywhere between 200k~600k. Even if I could afford this, I'm not sure I want to all at once.

    Also, this build apparently(I say apparently because I have not tried it) suffers when fighting Molten, Plagued, Fire chains and Arcane Enchanted. I am usually able to kite or mitigate these things entirely.

    3. The Wizard Melee build of ZzarkZul fame;
    Thread here:

    I've always liked the Spectral Blades skill. And I've always wanted to use it, especially in that set up. The only difference in the way I've build that variation was with Explosive Blast instead of Energy Twister.

    My inability to use efficiently is my lack of +critical hit chance items and sometimes not having the luxury of 5 monsters to Frost Nova on and get a guaranteed +15% chance. Also, wallers and teleporters sometimes negate the effects of ET. Along with certain ranged mobs not feeling like sticking around for my melee range.

    And as a final note in an already exceedingly long post. Do know that I am not knocking ANY SINGLE ONE of the builds I mentioned. If anything, I am very grateful and that I respect the OPs of those builds. If not for them, and me failing, I wouldn't have thought of my present build. Thanks everyone!
    Too long didn't read? Heh.
    I like the blizz/hydra build the best. It's not "OP", won't get nerfed, and is relatively easy to use and has very little resistances (I'm using a tweaked build that only has trouble against fast mobs).

    Anyways, I'll give your build a try and let you know how it goes out. I hated using any other build because the kiting capabilities you get from Blizzard is unreal. Everything else just seems to move too fast when I try another build.
    I'm liking the first build you posted, but I'm thinking that attack speed is sort of wasted regarding DPS, because you aren't constantly throwing out orbs or anything. Wouldn't you think that a 2h using a disintegrate/RoF would have more DPS?

    Through most of my Hell solo I used two builds:!fbX!cZZbaY

    This is more for bosses, since my following build will be much more ineffective against them.!fbX!cZYbZY

    I say ineffective because bosses know which clone is you, so it's like clones aren't even there. You can also sub RoF if needed, but I generally just ran around with Hydra up.

    Overall, I like all the builds, and I did at some point use the Blizzard/Hydra one until I started getting destroyed by fast mobs :x
    The first build I posted is mine, the others are from other people that I linked to their original threads. I've used theirs but run into issues, and for now I haven't run into the same problems on my build.

    The reason I stack attack speed is because of MM. Shooting it out faster means more AP regen. And at about 80 AP if you don't have AP increasing items, you can just about manage only 4-5 AOs before you need to spam MM again. While Disintegrate and RoF have better DPS, they also require that you are standing still. Most elite/champion mobs I have encountered are against me standing still to channel even for 2 seconds.

    It appears a lot easier to kite them by either running in circles or back and forth by using Diamond Skin if you have to go through them, while allowing for natural AP regen and shooting off a few MMs and AOs here and there.

    Edit: I do actually want to try a Teleport, Mirror Image with mimic build along with Illusionist but it's something I have to play around with for a long time more because as far as illusions are concerned, most monsters pay zero attention to your illusions and just attack you. I think it's based on how much damage you do, getting aggro-ed basically, and with your images doing far less or none at all. It's a little broken.

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