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1 of my character has a ring called "Ring of Wounding". The description attribute states +3-6 damage. Without the ring, my demon hunter has a damage of 65.20 and after equipping just that ring, the damage became 87.77
So where's the bug? The 'Damage' number is actually damage per second and includes just about everything that affects your dps, including crit rate, attack speed and critical hit damage. It is not that odd that a 3-6 damage ring gives you over 20 DPS after all those things are factored in.
i've have found the same issue...mine is called Raiding Ring of Wounding..stats are..

3-6 damage
9% IAS (increased attack speed)
lvl 20 ring

my dmg goes up 72 points.

I noticed this because my Barb whose lvl is 53 bought a 58 to strength ring, and this little lvl 20 still beats it on him over 100 points in dmg..?
Doesn't seem right.
Also I can't seem to find any rings on the AH that have x-x damage...its all x to max dmg stuff.

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