'Sprint' WTF is this crap

05/24/2012 05:37 PMPosted by Sanctus
Every time i look to change some skills for inferno i run across this skill and think, wtf is that even there for and what a waste of space that is...

This skill is actually useful for kiting bosses while in groups and for avoiding skills like Diablo's fireball, Belial's explosions, Azmodon's pools etc.

Leap provides the benefits of sprint, but they're both situational (although I feel leap is a bit more useful most of the time)

Basically it's not the best skill but is useful
05/24/2012 06:20 PMPosted by Proxy711
Kipparrian used sprint on his solo inferno diablo kill, just saying =/

who cares about boss-kills... really :) champion packs is the talk of the talk
Works for boss fights where there are things to dodge
Sprint is imo the Barb's best non-damage skill.

It has no cooldown. You don't need it when you are actively hitting things, so 20 Fury every 5 seconds is not unreasonable. It synergizes VERY well with Charge. It is the most flexible "escape" skill of ALL classes, giving you the most control with no cooldown.

If you are not tanking, I think this skill is almost a must-have.

Also, if you are doing runs of something in easier Acts/Difficulties, it's priceless to be able to move +50% faster (or have your party move +20% faster if you're rushing a friend).

Act 3 Inferno btw... I haven't spec-ed this skill out of my build since I got the Marathon rune. Sprint, Frenzy, Warcry are my staples. You can replace Warcry with passives, Frenzy with Bash or Cleave or even Weapon Throw in a crit build... but there is no replacement for Sprint.
You could always use it to run away from those elite packs in Act 2 that you have no chance of killing...

Whats wrong with constant 12% dodge and 40% move speed. Given that no other ability is worthwhile to spend fury on you can keep this up while in the fray 100%.
This is what I run:

Sprint + Run like the wind
Rush + dreadnaut
Leap + iron impact
Revenge + Provocation

Cleave + Broad Sweep
Ignore Pain + Ignorance is bliss.


Doing act 1 inferno right now, with really really !@#$ty gear and zero problems. (25khp)

Edit, it has no global cooldown, its a good fury dump, it does decent damage with the rune I use. Top tier skill.
Well Sprint is used in act 2 (due to wasp) Heart of Sin Quests (due to succubi) But yeah its amazing when having to chase things =3
I'v used tempest rush on my monk to get out of the fire or lasers when elites wall you in and then try to surround you.
05/25/2012 03:48 PMPosted by Soyjoy
Well Sprint is used in act 2 (due to wasp) Heart of Sin Quests (due to succubi) But yeah its amazing when having to chase things =3

Why sprint to chase something? Use throw weapon to snare them. It also does weapon damage too. Throw weapon with the ricochet rune can also be used to kite certain elites.
Why sprint when you can leap for 300% moar armor

+ going over the clif down to araneaea's cave is just epic.
05/24/2012 06:11 PMPosted by Hikari
I think the best use for it is with rush because you increase your dodge chance by 12% and can basically keep it up at all times while fighting. However, I wouldn't recommend doing this in inferno, that's for certain.

Why not in inferno? it is pretty much the only real spammable "defensive" fury spender, aside from knockback from seismic slam.

Yeah good point, I guess I just don't use it personally. Maybe I haven't fudged around with it to much as of late.
I use it as a fury dump for my current infinite wrath build. I'll probably drop it when I get enough crit chance to run whirlwind.
Sprint with knockback is hilarious.

I use sprint for Act 1 farming.
I tried using sprint to help with leading an enemy into the edge of attack range then moving back. Could move half a screen away and still get hit. Maybe it actually works with 0ms ping.
Sprint is one of the barbs best skills. You can explore much faster, dodge enemy projectiles, kite, and even gain bonuses like knockbacks and dodge with the correct runes. Its probably my second or third favorite barb skill.
It is amazing with a throw barb build and the tornados from run like the wind.
Sprint should be on like a 6 sec cooldown and not cost fury. Or keep it how it is and make it cost like 10 fury. 20 is way too much for a 3 second speed boost

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