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Might want to post this in the 9400m Thread too. I'll quote ya till it happens.
So the EU customer support has sent me to the US forums to search for the answers. Great support you have there.
Anyways, 9400M update. When?!
05/29/2012 04:42 PMPosted by Sneer
future patch.....how long has it been...you guys are acting like it was a surprise on the 15th...FIX YOUR FUKING GAME BEFORE RELEASING IT MAYBE?

did anyone teach u not to shout the waiter in a restaurant?
Is there an ETA for the 'future' patch? My video card is supported but gameplay is subpar and I am curious if this is something that's been scheduled.
05/30/2012 02:10 AMPosted by siXTyNiNe

did anyone teach u not to shout the waiter in a restaurant?

What are you even trying to say? He's not unnecessarily complaining to the wrong people. Who the fcuk else would he issue his complaints to? Should he drive to Blizzard and meet with the Board, in person, to complain in the proper setting?

I understand your analogy: Yelling at the waiter because of bad food is unproductive. However this is a terrible analogy because that's not at all what's going on here.

Actually that is exactly what's going on. When you are cussing in all caps the message is pretty clear. There is nothing wrong with complaining but there is definitely something wrong with cussing and caps. You defending him also cussing doesn't score any points either.

Like that guy said, when you get bad service, you TALK to the waiter, not yell and cuss.
when can we expect this patch? like within a few weeks? months? just a vague timeline would be nice :D
What patch are thinking for that update s4d1k? 1.0.3? 1.0.4? 1.1? Are things progressing in any way over there?
05/30/2012 01:12 PMPosted by Woeday
What patch are thinking for that update s4d1k? 1.0.3? 1.0.4? 1.1? Are things progressing in any way over there?

Possibly a bug fix patch or two before 1.0.3 hits. Like they've had in the past for World of Warcraft.

Korean servers have recently been updated to 1.0.2a build 9858. I don't know if this is the complete FPS optimization patch the mac devs have been working or just part of it with the rest of it to arrive in subsequent patches. Having downloaded the patch files for it I can say there is a new patch file just for Macs.

This is progress on it considering the 1.0.2 build 9749 didn't have a separate Mac specific patch file for game changes. That particular file was never uploaded to the CDN servers. I don't know what patch changes it's gong to bring for the Mac but I do know it contains a "OpenGLShaders" folder with 6,579 .glsl files in it that are at different sizes then the ones in the previous patch file in Data_D3/PC/OS X

Now I don't have a test machine I can test this on and I'm having to rush out the door due to have nothing in the house to eat for dinner [ :( ] . So I can't really test this for you guys to figure out if this coming patch has any FPS fixes in it. Estimates from the Korean battle.net servers are June 1st for 1.0.2a going live on the American servers.

If you do choose to test make sure you take copies of both the Diablo III folder and Battle.net folder (from /Users/Shared) just in case your testing turns to custard. Remember the version your client has installed has to match what the server is at. So if you use the Korean servers to update to 1.0.2a you won't be able to connect to the American servers as there will be a version mismatch between the client and the server. That is why you need to make back up copies of every file you play around with _before_ you start.
X your fingers. I'm gonna repost u you the 9400 sticky.
We won't add support to any of the card in the future. The reasons are lack of features and no support from Apple.

The GeForce 9400(and all other cards) performance will be greatly improved in a future patch.

I have had problems with the 9400 since launch... How soon can we expect this improvement? Is there a specific patch you know your going to get it in on?
Will there be support for the GMA X3100?
06/04/2012 12:44 PMPosted by LogicalLlama
Will there be support for the GMA X3100?

Nope. This chipset does not have the features that the game requires to display the gamer properly.
I know the the Radeon x1600 is not supported, but is it possible to for the game to run on it?
Yes, you can play with a Radeon x1600. I know because I've beat the game on normal mode and continue to keep playing. You need to edit D3Prefs.txt, which you may read up on at this link, http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5235393584

I have all my settings on low or off, taking the lowest option available in a category, except for High textures, for some reason, the game is smoother that way. I've noticed the resolution really makes a difference and I run it at 800x600. I locked foreground to 28 frames and background to 1.

Typically, here are the frame rates I get;
Dungeon/Indoor: 22-28
Outdoor: 20-26. Desolate Sands area jumps to 28.

Trouble spots:
Act 1, 10-12 fps at Leoric's Manor house.
Act 2, 10-15 fps at bridges before boss fight.
Act 3, 5-8 fps on the open battlefield if it's near the keep and later the bridge.
I notice the frame rate drops because of weather, water and background elements.

I have 3 gigs of ram instead of the normal 2 gigs so I don't know it it makes a huge difference. I don't see much of a difference when playing co-op with a friend.

I know some people wouldn't tolerate this but I don't mind. I'm happy to play Diablo 3. Actually, I've always ended up playing all the Diablo games with machines with less than minimum specs and still run okay. I''m curious if the mac graphics patch for the newer video cards will carry over some frame rate increase, because if so, I think you'll have quite a few people happy.
Blizzard, you might want to add Radeon x1600 to the Support list because the patch just made Diablo 3 even more AWESOME! Thanks for the hard work, you guys have made this game run amazing.

I'm getting 30-37 fps now. I went back to the bridge in Act 2 to check it out and it can drop frames to 8 but it shoots back up real fast.
I'm on 10.6.4 with an Intel HD 3000 and up until the patch it worked fine with some textures occasionally not loading properly (the stretchy glitch). Now with the updated version, all of the textures are flashing between the buggy and normal type. Any suggestions?
I too have the HD 3000 graphics on my i5 MacBook Pro 13" with 8gb of RAM and the game was running very nicely up until the 1.0.2b patch. I'm not having texture issues, but my frame rates have dropped to nearly un-playable levels. I guess the patch notes should include performance improvements for SOME Macs, and performance reduction for others.

I have been running the game at 1280x720, textures high, shadows off, physics low, clutter off, low-FX selected, and anti-aliasing and vertical sync both off, and it still looked really nice and ran well. Ever since this patch, the only time I get good frame rates is when I'm in town or standing anywhere else with no movement or monsters around. The instant I engage any monsters, I can see the frame rate drop to the low teens and single digits. When enemies have been taken care of, the frame rate comes right back up.

Computer is fully up to date, has been restarted, and only has Safari running in the background. Any ideas?

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