Tyrael broken...

Bug Report
I'm currently in the Silver Spire Level 2 on Nightmare with my Barbarian... I have the Scoundrel as my follower. Ty was helping me until I got a portion of the level clear now he just stands there staring off into space. I've tried taunting him.. I've even given him a rest and town portaled back. When we get back into the action hes just there... catatonic. I know I can be tough and demanding on my group members, but this dude is a badass angel... he should have more testicular fortitude than the scoundrel following me around! he needs to snap out of it!

I'd relog to see if that fixes it, but I don't want to clear all the level again. I don't need Ty with me just wanted to give a heads up this happened.
Mortality weighs heavily on a former immortal?

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