Video Card Unsupported - Can't Play Diablo 3

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This is So stupid, I just got the game, my comp is 3 years old and im told that is outdated, To those of you who say its my fault because i did not see the system requirements I ask where was the sticker that says " Diablo 3 does not work on intell computers" because I would think that should have been on there '--

You purchased a game that clearly states the requirement's on the box, or on the website, and your system cannot play it. Yet you blame Blizzard?

Playing the ignorance card, I see what you did there.
why are these people allowed to sell expensive games to the public knowing that they dont always work?, and require varing video cards. Time to think of your customers eh:
sad to see blizzard shooting itself in the foot again.
You know what you all have to check if your video card is really on that list. Mine is not. And I still get this message. I was playing it perfectly fine until the day before the patch. The problem is some glitch with this patch. Please Blizzard DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.
Did you try reinstalling the game? I have not tried this one yet
Necro'd thread so locking it. If you have this problem now, please take a look at the sticky post we have above for it.

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