Error 3003, 37, 75, 3007 all in 1 go!

Bug Report
Okay so,

Me and my brother are playing together in game. I was killing mobs, then bam! error 3007 disconnect. I know its not my internet on my computer, world of warcraft works, 2, facebook, PLUS my brother is playing fine on the same ip and same internet.

Now I try to log back in...sits at auth....auth...auth.....then error 75

"There is a temorary outage of the service. Please try again later. (Error 75)

Seriously, how bad is this launch that you cant even play?
me too from what i have read the servers are down again!!
same =3=
i get 3003
May take a solid week or so to smooth things out.... Grrrrrr.
same here got kicked with 3003
3003 dang it
I dun gots the 3003. :(
same here
just got disc with 3007 and got 3003 when trying to log back in, pretty sure blizzard's fixing something, just gotta be patient
same... all of em.... >_<
Servers are being patched for compatibility.

Just wait and they will be back shortly.
got the same errors

blizzards getting better at launches
If blizzard actualy is patching something right now, it would have been nice to have a 5 minute warning before activateing. i was just taking out a yellow mob with lots of gears on him... then this. =(

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