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Demon Hunter
Since we had a lot of theory questions before the patch about how specific mechanics were going to work, I thought it would be good to combine them all into one forum. So if anyone has clarifications for how abilities work that were previously ambiguous, feel free to post here. I'll list a couple

Hungering Arrow / Shatter Shot - Extremely disappointed in this rune. I don't think it can pierce more than once and I've been in rooms with a single enemy and half the time, only 1 of the 3 new arrows will actually come back and hit him. The others will just keep going off into space. I know it's just my bad luck but it also feels like it barely ever pierces.

Caltrops w/ Jagged Spikes - The damage is indeed a DoT and not just a 1 time application. This is actually very good damage.

Vault w/ Tumble - It doesn't stay at a cost of 4 which is disappointing. It alternates so your Vaults are 8,4,8,4,8,4...

Elemental Arrow w/ Frost Arrow - the "multiple" arrows that split off seem to solely be based on how many enemies there are, there is no set number. If there are only 2 enemies in the room, it will break 1 off in the direction of the other enemy, but more will break off the more enemies there are. Pretty useful.

Sentry - Only 1.

Caltrops w/ Bait the trap - works if the trap hasn't been triggered yet.

Rapid fire w/ Fire Support - All 3 rockets can hit the same target. They fire 1 at a time and can shoot at really wide angles. Not sure if they scale with attack speed yet. Will test later.

Editing in more as they come. Keep bringing in observations if you guys can so we can get a good list going.
Companions? Are they perishable to enemy damage?

Acid Bola?

Does Cluster Arrow suck as bad as the theory would indicate?

Numbing traps constantly applied as long as they stand in caltrops zone?

Rapid fire/support fire can the 3 extra rockets all hit the same person?
Elemental Arrow w/ Ball Lightning - it seems to be able to hit multiple times the same guy and it hits everything it gets close to. This has become my favorite AoE by far. It reminds me A LOT of Frozen Orb from Sorc in D2. <3

Sentry - can't chain cast them, many people thought that you could stack them since it doesn't have the same tooltip as Hydra has (only one Hydra can be up a time). And also it doesn't matter where your cursor is, it will always spawn at your feet.
05/16/2012 09:34 AMPosted by Damastes
Companions? Are they perishable to enemy damage?

No they are not. At least not any of the runes I have gotten (up to bat).

05/16/2012 09:34 AMPosted by Damastes
Rapid fire/support fire can the 3 extra rockets all hit the same person?

Yes they can.

Follow-up question because I didn't test it thoroughly enough, since the tooltip says "3 rockets every second" does it stack with attack speed? It's hard to tell because it shoots the rockets in rapid succession 1 at a time instead of all at once but you could probably time it with a stopwatch.
Also the rockets don't have to go in the same direction as RF at all. I've actually had them shoot at completely right angles to me at someone to my side.

05/16/2012 09:34 AMPosted by Damastes
Acid Bola?

Spread is based on where the targets are. 1 bola per enemy and they just aim at 3 nearest as far as I know.

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