Beastmaster of Tristram issue

Bug Report
I have encountered an issue with the achievement Beastmaster of Tristram.

No matter how many of these enemies I kill it is not registering it in the achievement. These enemies are:

Khazra Shaman
That Giant Eelectrical Fly enemy you first encounter by the highlands waypoint after the spider cavern (I forget it's name)
The Spider Queen

I have killed the Spider Queen twice and the other enemies countless times. I am currently leveling another character and I will see if it corrects the mistake. I will update this further when I can.
Same thing is happening to me. It has to do with the overall achievement system. I lost half of my achievements the first night I played (cleared ACT I). When I look at the list, it only saved upto the completion of the first half of the Act. I killed the end boss, got the achievement, load up the next day, and it's no longer there. My Beastmaster was missing half of the monsters, which you can't re-get due to already having the log.

When I entered a game it automatically started the Khazra Shaman audio file. When I opened my achievements page and checked I saw that the Khazra Shaman has been awarded of it's own accord. However I am still missing the Wither Moth, Hellion and Spider Queen even though in the same game I killed 20-30 of both the Hellion and Wither Moths.

On a side note:

I have the achievement To The Smithy! be wiped even though I retained the second achievement for leveling up the blacksmith. However once I played a Hardcore character and acquired the blacksmith I re-obtained this achievement.

Other achievements that I have had that were wiped or some progress marks removed are:
Field Work
In The Mountains
Never Seen That before
bump. also having this bug :/ even playing the audio won't register the achievement.
same bug here but just different creatures, game should check somehow those beastiary lists and give rewards afterwards when loggin in again or something. now they are locked and can't get those rewards anymore...
Yeah, I'm missing treasure goblin and unburied and I cannot get them to check off.

I figured out how to get credit for these achievements.

For the beastmaster and map achievements you only need to create a new character and encounter/kill the enemies and visit the locations. If you obtained the blacksmith but no longer have the achievement for getting him "to the smithy!" all you need to do is create a hardcore character and play till you acquire the blacksmith.

Also for Never seen that before and rare enemies. To get credit I had to encounter a new rare enemy and kill it on a separate character.

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