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Hey Blizzard,

Thanks for such an awesome game! I just wanted to help you out by letting you know that for some reason (not sure if it is a bug or was due to server issues), but I have a level 25 hardcore hero and I have the level 20 hardcore achievement, but not the level 10 hardcore achievement.

Obviously this doesn't make sense since my hero is already level 25...is there a way to make the level achievements retroactive in case there is a bug of some sort? I really want that banner :P

Thanks Blizz,
I'm having the same problem. I know this is really minimal compared to servers going down, but I'd like to know if I'll have to redo some of these or will it award them to us?
I love how the blacksmith and jeweler achievements cant be unlocked again. Same can be said with some of the lore and conversation achievements. GG
I'm on act 2, and got the butchered achievement yesterday, but now it is gone today, weird.
Instant karma, The Mad Kings End (normal) Grave Buster all reset on me, Jars of destruction (not complete but reset to 0)
I have a level 38 Demon Hunter and have no achievements for beating the game on normal, almost all chapter achievements as well as boss achievements did not go through. Any word on when they will fix this?
Also noticed the tracking on achievements like the conversations, beastlore and quest during act 1 are not porperly keeping up, the conversations i am able to talk to the people and get it to track, but the beastlore is not updating when i listen to the whole speech in the journel.
I am now level 33.. just completed the blacksmith in nightmare mode.... still do not have the achievement for collecting him...

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