damn....what a dirty build

Demon Hunter
so after suffering on nightmare thinking im a walking death machine coming out of normal, i decided to change it up.

bola shot with the stun rune
impale with stun rune.

3 bola shots followed by 1 impale (should keep ur hatred spending at a minimum).

for aoe i use chakram with dual chakrams (second rune).
followed by prep and smoke screen with heal and 3 second rune respectivly.

vault as my last spell.

no deaths whatsoever in act 2 nightmare, including belial.

try this build out and let me know what u think of the super cheesy perma-stun mechanic. I hope to change chkram for the healing tentacle for ele arrow once i get it.
Interesting, Im just tidying up norm now but this is what i had in mind for nightmare onwards. Very stun/cheesy-ish. Will try it out. =)
I've found that flash grenades + dazzling cluster arrow provides more aoe stunnage goodness.
Whats your passive skills? @Bigdannyg
passive are archery (with bows) more damage the farther they are away and finally

more hatred and health globes restore hatred and discipline...that one is godly...low on hatred/health? smokescreen and vault over a health globe or 2


i tried dazzling cluster, but found the cost is high at 50 hatred.

it is dirty tho

also grenades require u to be a little too close for comfort and they are only 25% chance to stun.

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