Game crashes constantly / BSOD randomly

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Looked around have seen similar issues but not the same. I can play in a game for anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour and then my game will randomly crash to the desktop. After this happens I load the loader up and click play but I cannot open the game. The loader goes away but no window opens and the icon drops off my task bar. Also a few random times I have gotten BSOD while playing. I haven't had any problems outside of this game or with any other games I play. The only way I can get the game to work again is too restart my computer but I haven't been able to progress because of this issue. Any ideas would be appreciated.
Be prepared for a tide of people blaming you for having a faulty PC. I don't think many people have managed to solve this or similar issues yet. :(
Hey Corosive,

I'm crusading this issue myself and just replying to a bunch of posts who are having this problem.

I feel your pain. I can play for an hour sometimes without issue, but it will always eventually BSOD. I dont have this issue with any other game. Just D3. It's becoming a real drag and I hope they patch for this or provide some insight into what we can do to prevent it.
same here.
I don't get BSOD, it just minimizes to my taskbar and then I can maximize it again. And, NO, it is not because I am keying the windows Icon. . .!!! yes, I have done that, but this happens randomly when my hand isn't anywhere near the left side of the keyboard and I have left clicked on some item to move or select it.

It seems to be related to left clicking on things in the game, but I haven't nailed down a specific time yet.

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