Nightmare Boss Fight Drop Rate?

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While playing through the Nightmare difficulty I saw a grand total of 1 yellow off the primary bosses: skell king, arachnid queen, butcher... etc etc...

Belial, Az and Diablo didn't drop a single yellow for me.

Is this heard of for nightmare or did I get hit with a major bad luck stick? BTW the one yellow I got was a follower item for the templar. So I don't count it much.
I honestly think this was done on purpose the only time I really got yellows of the bosses were the first kill on normal.. I haven't gotten a yellow or two after, but you don't want to farm these because my guess is that it was done this way intentionally

Seeing as how you could port straight to diablo and kill him every two minutes or less it wouldn't make much sense to be able to farm them for yellows would it?

You're better off farming the whole act iv and skipping diablo
depends who u go with...

if u go w. a person thats done it before i wouldnt rec'm'd it...

when the game was brand new on midnight launch everything coming out of the butcher to diablo was yellow...

now u get people doing quests all over again...

normal diablo when i first did it dropped 3 rares for a group of 3, we were all freshmen.
I understand not getting yellows off bosses you've already killed, BUT it should be a different story for different difficulties. I should still get yellows for the first time I kill a boss on nightmare/hell.

I hope it's a bug because if it isn't it's retarded and stupid of blizz.
I also noticed that in normal almost every boss gave me 1-2 yellows. Now in Act 4 NM I think I may have seen 1 drop once or twice from a mini-boss or maybe it was actually a champion. None of the act bosses in NM have dropped yellow+
You got a yellow off of a boss on nightmare? Wow, one more than I've gotten........
I noticed this myself, this hopefully is a bug. I can see running the same difficulty again not getting yellows, but what a huge ... i mean HUGE disappointment if every boss from nightmare to inferno is blues.... It's like beta all over again =(
If I'm not wrong, once you kill a boss, you won't get any yellows from the same boss again. Basically:
1st kill = yellows!
2nd kill onwards = no more yellows!

And so far it seems be the way as i've cleared nightmare and only 1 of the bosses dropped 1 yellow (might be just random global percentage drop) for me.
I had this same exact thing. I played through nightmare entirely and didnt get one yellow of a single boss, even diablo. The same thing happened in hell, until i hit level 60. Then with the Nephalem Valor buff stacked 5 times i killed Azmodan and got 2 yellows and 5-7 blues.
The game right now treats bosses as essentially 2-8 white creatures depending on the boss.

Think about how often you get a yellow item off a normal creature, 1 in 500? 1 in 1000?

For the sake of argument, let's say 1 in 500. If Diablo is going to have 8 drops, the odds of one of those being yellow is 8 in 500 or rather 40-1.

That means for roughly every 40 Diablo Kills, you'd get 1 yellow item.

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