Fetish Army

Witch Doctor
Does anyone actually use this?

I tried it once but it just felt it wasn't rewarding enough. Maybe if the fetishes were a full pet like the Gargantuan or the zombie dogs it would be different but i think they deal more damage than the Gargantuan.

What are your opinions on this skill?
Because it has such a huge cool down I found it useless. Why have a skill I can only use every two minutes? Or waste a rune slot for it to be ever 1.5min? BUT, with that said, it can be a good skill to have if you are going for a build that includes Vision Quest as a passive since it will be on cooldown for 2 min, meaning less times you have to activate the skill.
I think that in the video of Method killing inferno Azmodan, their witchdoctor used this ability. It's a purely burst dps ability and in inferno modes there is no way you are going to keep any pets alive for any extended period of time. It looks like he always used it in conjunction with the attackspeed/movespeed fetish to get the most use out of it.

Most people will prefer permanent pets over this ability, but it has its uses on certain boss fights.
It's amazing against anything that has ground AOE, as they don't die. Or anything in inferno, which also destroys regular summons embarassingly fast. Also follows bosses as they move so doesn't become a wasted CD when the butcher moves a lil bit.

Plagued, desecrate, mortar, electrified, molten, fire chains... will all instantly kill your gargantuan or zombie dogs. 6 fetishes will occupy the mobs decently and do good damage too.
it is good only to kill 4ppl game treasure thief , lol
I have been using it lately and I find it great. Good burst dps and as listed above, they don't die in 2 seconds.
Im loving fetish army. Just hit 40, act 2 nm hc.

With ambush rune ill make sure to soul harvest then drop these babies on all rare/unique packs i run into. Its an instant win vs anything but shielding, and the alpha strike is so hard i gib them before they shield sometimes as well. Its kinda silly tbh.

In my case i was looking over my abilities and i find it easy enough to spend all my mana... so i look for strong cooldowns to weave in the normal acid cloud death


edit for proper runes.
I too use the army with the ambush rune. The damage on arrival is pretty damn solid and the fetishes themselves are a great distraction that can let you survive close proximity with mobs for a little longer.

The 2 minute cd isn't all the bad, it'll basically be up for every elite fight (or every other elite fight) or it'll be contributing to Vision Quest.

Even better, it costs absolutely no mana.

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