Worst Build?

I see a lot of posts about what the "best build" for Wizard is, but what about the worst? A lot can be learned from this topic as well.

So, how would you spec the worst Wizard possible, assuming that weapon DPS and gear are still decent?
Load him up his bar with 4 signature abilities with no runes? Tag on teleport and mirror image, and make all his passives things that give you extra arcane power, and bingo. Useless.

I take it back, replace the primary power with electrocute, and sub and fill the other three slots with armor spells. Voila, only one damaging spell on your slot (because you CAN'T put a non-damaging spell there like time-stop), and it does less single target damage than base attack. Sure you can reflect damage back to opponents with storm armor, but that involves taking damage... with the wizard...

Of course technically the WORST build is just to leave every slot empty, but I assume that's not what you meant.
I stand corrected again. You CAN apparently put time-stop in your primary attack slot.

So... you can build a wizard with no damaging spells.

There you go.

I suppose while time-stop is on cooldown you'll be attacking with your weapon though, but I think that still qualifies as adequately horrible.
Seems like a productive thread.
I'm not asking how to misuse a Wizard. I'm asking for what spells make no sense in the same build.

Which spells have cooldowns that when combined with other cooldowns make you a sitting duck?

Which spells when used in the same build deplete your mana so fast you wind up hiding behind barrels waiting to attack again?

Are there spells whose effects negate or minimize the effects of other spells?

Are there spells who have cooldowns shorter than their effects, so you wind up wasting mana from spamming things that do no stack?

This is a more involved question than you may think.

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