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Logged into my account and onto my level 5 wizard, and found the stash contains the items from from my level 20 Monk's Stash
I thought stash was shared across toons?
Just exited game and re-entered still showing the level 20's stash
News to me, what would be the point of doing that ?
05/22/2012 10:31 AMPosted by Oakdeadwood
News to me, what would be the point of doing that ?

.... so you can share items and stuff across characters? artisans and crafting is also shared on the account. Everything is account wide in D3.
Then why am i only seeing the items from my level 20 stash ?
Just spoke with a friend of mine that's their main is about the same level as mine. Their stash is fully shared between their DH and monk. Demon hunter is about lvl 34 and monk is about 20-ish.

Have you actually put any items from your lvl 5 into the stash? New games like that, I often find there's absolutely nothing worth saving so I have a tendency to not visit the stash for a while. Other than that, I dunno, honestly.
Stash, Artisans and Achievements are account wide with the exception that Hard Core characters each have their own Stash and Artisans.
This is not a bug. It's supposed to be that way. Learn to love it or play a different game imo
He he... there is even a help tip when you are loading the game that tells you so.
I for one love it. It makes sharing items between characters much easier than Diablo 2.

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