A bug about the Demon Hunter's "Smoke Screen"

Bug Report
I find it when i playing.

When I find a monster with skill that creat damege on the ground(just like "Plagued" "Molten"),
Sometimes,when I walk on the fire or positon with "Smoke Screen",my HP begin to falling down, there is no really damege ,but my HP fall down as usual,so,my screen become red and nothing can fix it(ues items,TP to rest) until the monsters creat any damege on me or my screen will keep red all the time.

Network Lag:180~600ms
I have had the same thing happen once in a while. I'm not sure if I would pin it on just persistent damage on the ground effects and I've had it trigger when I don't think any were present. I haven't experimented with with near enough to be confident, but I think it is connected to activating smoke screen at the same instant as damage is taken. It should "resync", or correct whatever is wrong, after a few more hits of damage. In the meantime I've found that it isn't so much you can't heal as much as your health can't move at all while that is in effect. Enjoy a little bit of invincibility until one of the hits you take finally breaks it...probably killing you, at least on hell/inferno. Not for hardcore.

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