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My voice should be able to be heard and not silenced cuz the thread had the max limit of posts.

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Let me follow up by saying that in general class balance is an ongoing investigation, and by no means do we believe the game is now perfect, but we're also seeing evidence that supports (with a few nerfs to wizard and demon hunter) the monk and barbarian are not as bad off as they seem.

A large part of the monk and barbarian designs are based on survival models that mimic the concept of the class itself. The idea of a monk is that he survives through being agile and difficult to hit, and his healing and survival scales particularly well by focusing on mitigation stats like dodge, resists, and armor. The concept of the barb is that he survives through a huge health pool, and healing himself through damage (%life on hit stats), which is potentially a bit obvious with all the life return skills but can't be overstated.

The game is young, there were some skills that threw things out of whack, and we expect the landscape to settle out a bit more evenly. Or at least change again so we can continue to monitor the impact. Maybe we're wrong, maybe there's no current chance for monk or barbarian to compete with ranged, but our current suspicion is that's incorrect and until we know for sure we're not going to turn any dials.

So lets start of by saying you completely broke the game from release with your terrible launch on how the servers were. OHHHH lets not forget that servers still have a crap ton of lag and still not fixed (45 mb down connection FiOS) and still getting ridiculous lag spikes.

Secondly Barbs have a VERY difficult time surviving Hell, I haven't made it out of Hell Act 1 yet. I just barely completed SK and I stopped cuz the quests on after the mobs are like twice as hard the as the mobs before SK. ITS THE SAME FREAKING ACT WHY ARE THE MOBS HARDER?!?! THESE ARE WHITE MOBS NOT RARES, WTF BLIZZARD?

Oh and farming gear in this game. Oh lemme see here how do u farm again... oh yea.
*Google "resplendent chest locations"*
Now I can farm! ... Like really blizzard? D2 you farmed bosses and elites from gear, but oh wait I forgot us melee can't farm elites or bosses for that matter cuz were gimped.
D2 you actually worked and did boss runs or certain elite packs in D2 and you started over.
Diablo 3? NOPE you go to chests and then they get nerfed and then were forced to do content that is impossible cuz you need gear but oh wait you can only get gear if you kill the mobs, THAT WE CAN'T KILL! GG

One finally thing, I can see it now "Real money AH ruins D3 by making it a Pay 2 win game" yep I can see that happening cuz no good items will ever go up on the AH for gold ever again. So your only choice of getting good gear is doing the farming yourself and hopefully you get lucky OR you stop playing the game cause you realize its not worth it cuz you can't finish the game cuz you need gear and all the gear thats needed is for $$$ only. Which makes this game pay to win, and I can see PvP items being the same thing. And btw its not like the customer "us" will make any decent money off of the Real Money AH you know why? Cuz one they take abt $1.50 or $2 per auction you sell. Then if you want to get your money transferred to Pay Pal its abt a 15% transaction fee of what your switching over from funds to pay-pal. So pay pal is getting paid %15 of what ur transferring.

Example: $50 - 15% = $42.50 - $1.50($2) from blizzard = $41.00 - 40.50. So from a $50 gross profit you take $40-41 net profit. Thats if you even save up to $50 on you account. If you make smaller transfers you'll barely be getting nothing back in ur pocket. So the time spent in game to farm, for the actual benefit you get is very small.

I predict that this game will die in a few months with all its inbalance that will never be fixed and the Real money AH breaking the game cause no progression items that HELP you get thru the game to beat on inferno will be available for gold, so the game will die from it being a pay to win. Just like every other F2P game, cept those games have cash shops filled with OP items, and this game is just filled with OP user based farmed items. Same difference.

RIP D3, so glad I got you for free thru WoW, didn't have to spend a dime on you.
lol bad. Tried buying items.

No but seriously, if you spent a bit of time finding one person on here that says that can complete hell, copy there build, use your head and buy cheap items of the ah that are better than you currently have, you will do it.

I have a 60 monk. All i heard was QQ inferno act 1, then act 2, then 3. So its slowly getting done. It may not be steam roll like it was but its MUCH more fun. Inferno isn't for casual gamers, so if you can't do, spend some time figuring out how to do it. Hell is so easy it isn't funny, i have that on farm at the moment, running through act 4 killing everything and getitng loot. Focus on resistance, life, and damage. maybe run a shield, being able to block stuff is amazing.

Finally, remember, even though you are a proud Barbarian, it doesn't mean you can't run the F*** away it something is going to roll you. I'm glad this game is a challenge and it will hopefully take me a month to get through the game on my monk, but i doubt it because ill put in the time farming and making it so i CAN do it.

So much qq on these forums. >>
You really, really don't get how this game works? You basically expect WoW entitlement, where you show up & get gear. That's NEVER how Diablo has worked, nor should it. You expect to go in here on week 1 and then get your uber-gear and go home. Yeah, right...about that. That will NEVER work in D3!

Stop being a lazy sack and actually devote some real time to this game! Then, you may discover you actually enjoy it.
This just in... entitled wow player can't get past first boss of current heroic progression. Drowns in pool of his own tears over Diablo III being "too hard".
So much geek rage and crying.

The entire reason this was overpowered in the first place was a bug with Quickening and how it gave spirit from Sweeping Wind crits. That was fixed.

Now you hotfix nerf the only thing that keeps a Monk (and often his/her group) alive in Hell/Inferno and say "we'll give you something later".

I guess I'll just... play something else in the meantime...?

This is the most baffling thing ever. I mean, there's been some odd changes in WoW, but rarely ones that were "we're basically breaking you, you'll get to play sometime in the future".

I just can't even wrap my head around why they would nerf this after fixing the Quickening bug (which, btw, most of us weren't even using). It's literally the only real group healing tool in the entire arsenal, especially with the range of Breath of Heaven being ridiculously tiny.
My whole build is based upon that freakin BOP - shielding (Alot attackspeed and Vita! And life per spirit!). WITHOUT quickening, because yes that was bugged, so I build up my items AROUND the bug. BUT SHIELD IS NOT BUGGED!!!!!! 50 spirit for the shield is quite some cost, and 15% vita isn't even much, when you played inferno you know that.

You still need tons of evasion and movement to live with this. So many ppl cried about the monk being too weak and rerolling and sh1t, and still... you just nerf a working non-bugged ability... THX alot. What comes next? No knockback on FoT????

You can't just nerf an entire ability totally, that was NOT BUGGED in anyway. People work with what you give them, and suddenly you take it AWAY! Do you know how long it takes to farm up these items, time & money spend in the bugged Auction House?? Do you know it? Obviously not you are Blizzard you could get any items in your internal beta for any build......

I feel like a Runes of Magic player, whose items get again and again nerfed in order to make the player buy more sh1t in the Realmoney shop!!!
Everyone, chill out. Time of need is better anyways. Use it, profit.
05/23/2012 05:47 AMPosted by Stealthfox
Everyone, chill out. Time of need is better anyways. Use it, profit.

Except if your focus is party place, that is entirely incorrect. BoP was the only real choice for group play, especially when you consider how small the Mantra ranges really are. It let you run over and tag a party member with it to save them in a bad situation, passive resistances doesn't do that.
8 days in, people rage quitting from difficulty and saying nothing will get fixed, D3 forums truly are the worlds greatest anti-depresent lol
05/23/2012 06:08 AMPosted by Koryiaki
8 days in, people rage quitting from difficulty and saying nothing will get fixed, D3 forums truly are the worlds greatest anti-depresent lol

I'd say it's the complete opposite, I look at the forums and just want to give up. :P
didn't blizzard announce BEFORE release that inferno should be IMPOSSIBLE without some heavy hell farm.... still people can farm early act1 inferno up to act2... so quit whining ... its not like they announced the opposite of what it actually doing. it is your own fault for not getting informed before buying game...
I think the main issue here is this is not a considered fix, its a very crude fix that has simply removed a Mantra and a Rune from the game effectively. With the quickening fix it would have been impossible to spam MoH/BoP anyways, it would have been used situationally and effectively to absorb incoming heavy blows, not spammed retardedly every second. Without quickening and with a 50 spirit cost it would be much more balanced.

They should have fixed quickening, waiting a few days and then if they thought BoP was still OP done something then.
I love how you guys think that I never played D2 when I played it for like 2-3 years and was on the ladder and all that good stuff.

I'm mostly complaining on how melee in general in this game is kinda garbage. I'm complaining abt farming cuz its nothing like D2 and it should be like D2.

So why dont you sit back read and understand my post. Instead of look at my picture and think "oh he's from WoW. we must compare the game to WoW and how easy it is cuz he can't do anything".

I do buy cheap items and copy people that stream of their builds. They are even having trouble going thru content on inferno as barb/monk. So whats up with all the hate? Like Blizzard games have THE worst community ever when it comes down to talking abt the game with the community over a issue.
Time.... I DONT NEED TIME... I was 3006'd from playing this last week.. all caused by blizzard. I finally get to play and they destroy the only class i have leveled.... WTF!
05/23/2012 10:27 AMPosted by Rizza
I love how you guys think that I never played D2 when I played it for like 2-3 years and was on the ladder and all that good stuff.

Oh, well in that case......

In that case I'm complaining abt the situation melee is in right now cuz the game is broken. Barb's shouldnt be forced to role tank spec all the time. In D2 you could go BO/Frenzy or WW or something that did damage and you could LIVE. This game you HAVE to roll tank spec or you get rolfstomped, and you still get rolfstomped in inferno and you have to kite for days as melee. How is that fun game mechanics? Range has the kiting role not melee...
I think the OP is obviously full of rage right now and is just frustrated with dieing. I get it, it sucks, and when you see that they are nerfing you further it can be quite frustrating.

Regardless though, I do think I'm quitting D3. I am in Act 1 Inferno right now and aren't doing too poorly, just progressing a bit slow with my barbarian ally, but that's not why I'm quitting.

All of the nerfs without tooltip updates, abilities that don't scale with anything than levels, and just the frantic situation the D3 design team seems to be in obviously shows poor form as developers. I can understand that maybe the way some systems were implemented (like the ability tooltips) may just be difficult to patch without taking the server down or large amounts of QA/localization. And maybe while developing they just had play styles that were radically different that what we have been doing, so some of the problems with abilities being really imbalanced didn't come up.

I am quitting because of the patch that was just released shows a mindset that is really upsetting to me; making the game less fun for the sake of balance. All of the nerfs that happened today to DH, Monk, and Wizard are all in some way taking away fun aspects of the game because they were determined too powerful. Diablo to me is a multiplayer PvE game, and the fun of the game comes entirely from how powerful I feel as a player against whatever ugly creatures came up from hell this time. They are making the player feel less powerful, and making the experience less enjoyable because they accidentally created abilities that were stronger than intended. There is no reason to balance downwards (nerfs instead of buffs) in a game that is purely against nonhuman competition.

I understand that they don't want players to blast through content as fast as they currently are, but that isn't the players problem. I hoped they would take the mindset of buffing bad abilities to on par with the great ones, not nerfing the great ones to being bad or useless. If the content is too easy in that case, buff the creatures to be more powerful. In the end you may get the same statistical result but it is a more enjoyable game to me to feel powerful, fighting more powerful monsters, than to be told I need to be weaker.

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