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05/23/2012 05:18 AMPosted by Disastrpiece
This just in... entitled wow player can't get past first boss of current heroic progression. Drowns in pool of his own tears over Diablo III being "too hard".

Sad WoW Player then cries to Blizzard Developers who nerf content.

(The BLIZZARD game life cycle)

Non-Casual gamers /cry worldwide because D3 was brought down to WoW level.

Blizzard now feels the need to challenge hardcore gamers. Blizzard then puts out an expansion with a level 70 cap, new skills, and 2 new difficulties (Level 60-70 in "HADES" and level 70 with gear progression "YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE")...

At the end of YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE, in WHIMSYSHIRE is a fight verse the UBER Prime Evils that you can't win.

Some Asian beats it... WoW players worldwide start drowning in tears and /complain... Rinse & Repeat.
It got nerfed.... DEAL WITH IT. If you cry and want to play another game then don't tell the forums about it just do it. You aren't good enough anyway.

If there is a problem blizzard will fix it, they need time to do so... learn to play around it in the meantime or GTFO.
I think the OP is obviously full of rage right now and is just frustrated with dieing. I get it, it sucks, and when you see that they are nerfing you further it can be quite frustrating.

Regardless though, I do think I'm quitting D3. I am in Act 1 Inferno right now and aren't doing too poorly, just progressing a bit slow with my barbarian ally, but that's not why I'm quitting.

All of the nerfs without tooltip updates, abilities that don't scale with anything than levels, and just the frantic situation the D3 design team seems to be in obviously shows poor form as developers. I can understand that maybe the way some systems were implemented (like the ability tooltips) may just be difficult to patch without taking the server down or large amounts of QA/localization. And maybe while developing they just had play styles that were radically different that what we have been doing, so some of the problems with abilities being really imbalanced didn't come up.

I am quitting because of the patch that was just released shows a mindset that is really upsetting to me; making the game less fun for the sake of balance. All of the nerfs that happened today to DH, Monk, and Wizard are all in some way taking away fun aspects of the game because they were determined too powerful. Diablo to me is a multiplayer PvE game, and the fun of the game comes entirely from how powerful I feel as a player against whatever ugly creatures came up from hell this time. They are making the player feel less powerful, and making the experience less enjoyable because they accidentally created abilities that were stronger than intended. There is no reason to balance downwards (nerfs instead of buffs) in a game that is purely against nonhuman competition.

I understand that they don't want players to blast through content as fast as they currently are, but that isn't the players problem. I hoped they would take the mindset of buffing bad abilities to on par with the great ones, not nerfing the great ones to being bad or useless. If the content is too easy in that case, buff the creatures to be more powerful. In the end you may get the same statistical result but it is a more enjoyable game to me to feel powerful, fighting more powerful monsters, than to be told I need to be weaker.

I'm not full of rage like these forums demonstrate how this Blizzard community is, full of trolls and people that dont sit down and actually talk abt the problems abt the game. All people do is compare all things to WoW and that in itself is really sad tbh.

But the rest of what you said watchmen is what I'm saying how they dealt with this and the rest of the game is just very poorly developed. I'm getting thru content now cuz I'm just playing the game and going full tank build. But my point is that I shouldn't have to.. The game has all kinds of skills to play the game as a barb and the skills I need to use to play the game is only tank? How is that even fun? I'm scared to even start a range character cuz I bet Wiz, WD, and DH's all get 1-2 shooted cuz they dont have the armor and reduction that a barb has. And since monk just got nerfed to the ground well barb seems the only viable since they will never nerf barb cuz if they do its hard enough alrdy with how it is, so if they nerf barb then barb will be useless to.

Like I'm not raging at all. Its just sad that the whole community compares to WoW. PLUs WoW is to easy and I was excited for D3, but when you can't play the game how you want and your FORCED down the tanking path to play a game, I call that a broken undeveloped game. Just how they are taking the game and their nerfs is totally gonna ruin the gameplay of this game.

Troll me all you like, you know this is true, and when your class is nerfed to the ground like the monk is you'll all be here on the forums too and saying that "this nerf should never of happened".

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