Legendary what?

Items and Crafting
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legendary set items stats are so low they are not worth farming AKA no end game appell for me time to make a new toon lol
Doesn't matter coz Billizard wont listen =) but yeah, +1
thank you
Agree 100% with op. Please fix it.
As much as I am enjoying the game, I am finding myself more and more bored with the drops already. I will be excited when my first Legendary drops whenever it does, but I know I will not use it. This game is about the items and things you find, that is what will keep its players playing.

+1 on this. Game is great otherwise, item and loot system needs a revamp, definitely.


our voice must be heard,
i find myself already thinking about an expansion pack with more to offer.

the game is great though, great in the sense that.
hopefully in time. with patches, among much blood, sweat and tears.
Diablo3 will prevail as another long lasting, truly satisfying dungeon crawler.
Totally agree, if only blizzard would fix this issue i would gladly continue playing this game over a ton of other loot-based action rpgs. I mean how can you sell expansions if no one is still playing the original, right?

Really really hope that those of you being so optimistic are right and that blizzard does in fact fix the items and loot system, if not ill definitely stop playing within weeks if not sooner

you know what's really sad? it's gonna hurt the auction house really bad, all those people hoping to make a few bucks off their legendary items.

So far the most rewarding experience for me has been the gameplay, but what happens when you beat the game over and over? Diablo 2 lasted 10+ years because of loot, there isnt a piece of loot that has dropped my jaw yet

I want to make more accounts, just to keep +1ing this....
Welcome to the club. Please have a seat. The waiter will be with you shortly.
+ a number you cannot comprehend

I played Diablo 2 for 5 years SOLID because of all of the LOOTS.

I still know all of the names and stats of nearly ALL D2 uniques without even identifying the item.

Gimme the loots! Gimme the loots!

I want better legendaries........
Aaaannnddd +1

The hamster wheel is broken Blizzard! You can't have a stick without a carrot, how much clearer can we make it for you?
yet another topic +1.

Only problem is, right now Blizzard prefer to dedicate their effort to nerfing classes that can survive in inferno, rather than making changes people ask for.
The thing is that the community is not asking for a D2 clone. We're not asking for ethereal items, socketed white items, or runes. That is xpac material if anything. The masses want balance and proper itemization. Legendaries should be special. They should have good stats. They should be the best in their class. Right now i will say that the rarity is perfect. These things are hard to come by. The problem is that there is no point. They are the highly desired undesirables. They have no use or appeal.

The fix is easy. Buff the legendaries, give them special, unique, and powerful abilities. Give them a 5-8% increase in stats over the average rare in its range.

Oh, or you could always just penalize the range of stats allowed on blues by 20% and rares by 5-8% if the worry is about them being to overpowered if they get buffed. That might normalize it abit and make blues feel like they're in their proper place.

Listen to the players. We know what we want. Blizzard knows how to make great games...and right now the cries must be heard. We're screaming for the breaks, but the bus is still rolling.

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