So how did Tyrael make himself Human?

Lore and Story
my question is why are angel's wings as well as their powers reside in their shoulder plates? All it took was to rip off his shoulder plates to become mortal, wtf? shouldnt it be more painful like he had to cut off his wings from his body or something, not just take off his shoulder plates.
This whole problem could be solved really easily. Replace that part of the cinematic where Tyrael voluntarily rips his wings off with this:

Tyrael agrees to be put on trial for violations of the noninterference treaty. He is found guilty. In accordance with the law, his sentence is: his wings are cut off, he is stipped of his title as Aspect of Justice, he is magically turned into a human, his memories are magically erased, and he is exiled to earth. As the final insult, Imperius breaks his sword and throws it out with him.

Many problems would be solved by that.
Maybe angles and nephalim (and demons) aren't so difference as their outward appearance? Maybe the main difference is in how to view the world, whether from the point of view of absolute light (angels) absolute darkness (demons) or a balance between the two (nephalim). Maybe all that was required for Tyreal to "become" human was to understand the universe through a human perspective of both light and darkness.
GM=/= player initially. GM= nerf player. GM = can choose to be player.

Mortal =/= Human.
Does this mean that if Diablo ripped the wings off other angels they'd turn into mortals?

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