Post nerf help in hell ACT I

Ok, been spending the past 2 days in ACT I hell and i only just now got to skeleton king, and you know when he says "YOU WILL NEVER DEFEAT ME", yeah that, HE MEANS IT!!!!!

ok what i mean is this, i tried what you all have been saying and i tried to get gear with resistances. ok so now i got 150 in all resistances, best i can do with what money i had, because i spent tons on repairs, >.>, anyway, i can not dps him down because i had to sacrafice dps for gear that had defence capabilities. i spent 25 min to get him down to maybe 8% before i had to stop due to hand cramping....

the build i got gives me about close to 8 seconds of almost invulnverable/take less damage time. SO, with that said, has anyone post nerf tried a dex, dodge, attack speed%, DW build post nerf through hell that could tell me if that works, or i am wasting my time, because i have no money, and its been hell for me to try and come up with money to buy gear. so i cant really try this out, and i would like to know if this would work before i try it.

BTW, i spend 20-25 min running in circles killing champion packs in hell. i could almost stand in a pack of white mobs, go walk the dog, take a crap, get some food, call a friend on the phone, and then come back and not be dead.....but yet champion packs and skeleton king one hit me with there special attacks. skeleton kings normal attacks hit me for about 25% of my life per attack, and he usually gets in 3 of them, im lucky to run before he gets me with the other attacks.

so before you ask me what my build is, or that im doing it wrong, well thats obvious because im having trouble. i tried all diff combo of skills and what i got working now is what is keeping me able to kill champion packs (though it takes 20+ minutes).

*shameless plug*

i have a legendary on the auction house that is for a barbarian, its a nice lvl 42 sword with all kinds a neat damage, and a 22% chance to put a dot on the mob for 50-120 damage, and the base damage is around 170. SO, if you are rich, and love barbarians and would love to help out a poor monk trying to make it in this world and try out different builds could you please go buy it so i can have money to buy gear.

*end shameless plug*

ok with that said, i tried using the blacksmith to gear out my char, BUT the gear that i get at my level is way too low, and we all know by now that the gear we need to finish hell is in inferno. so im at a loss here and dont want to leave monk to roll a ranged char when i have a build that works but im too low on dps.

ok so is there any hope for me? or do i just throw in the towel and call it a valiant effort and move on to something else.

thanks in advance for any tips, help, advice.
Hell or Inferno?
did by standing in front of him all fight in hell level lol. no pots, just serenity his best dmg , mantra or heal his autoattack, when he summons attack skeletons and blind when king teleports. used crippiling wave
The skeleton king isn't about gear or tanking, its all about timing.

When he charges up to swing you hit serenity and re-engage when he's summoning skeletons.

You don't re-engage him untill your serenity cools down.

You can't just keep swinging on him all day, you are going to have to back off and re-engage.

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