Glass Cannon BARB!!!


For those that wanna try something different!
30% + Crit required!
It works wonders if you have good equip!
Need an Axe/Mace on Main hand! (High base Damage)

Belt with -3 to Weapon throw is really helpful!
That build actually looks like it could be a lot of fun. Pretty hilarious actually. I'd try to combine this with the seismic slam build someone posted earlier. There are a lot of cool things in this game people haven't given a try yet.
I can tell you a variant of this type of build took me all the way to the butcher, but I couldn't quite get him down. Probably doable with better gear or skill though.

If you have no resists, and want a build that works fairly well without using Revenge at all, check out this guy's thread:

Have yet to test it on Butcher, but it is the classic wrath + earthquake build. Straight up fast damage seems to be the best way to farm act I without amazing gear.
im a glass cannon barb now to,my resistances are all only like 240
it all started when i rolled a good chest piece at the blacksmith, it made my dps 22k more but seeing as how i was useing the ik chest it cut my resist by 76 from the armor and 60resist for the ik bonus, so now im a glass cannon, the only lifesteal i got is 3% from bloodthirst, but i do like 500k crits with my primary and about 1.4 mil crits with my hammer of the aincients so even with 3% LS its not to bad.
if i use the ik belt i can get some of my resist back and get my LS to 5.8% but then it slams my dps back down to 175k from about 197k that it is now.
so its pretty much all with the switch of my belt, glass cannon/die less
03/14/2013 05:35 AMPosted by SAINT
im a glass cannon barb now to,my resistances are all only like 240

You have unlocked the NECROMANCER class on the forums!
03/14/2013 06:26 AMPosted by Wayneold

im guessing you guys are calling me a necromancer because this thread was dead along time ago and i resurrected it right?
i just didnt want to make a whole new post because i knew there allready was a glass cannon one

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