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when i installed the game my computer just froze...
i forced shutdown and my computer continues to crash after install
Same exact situation you are in. I have Asus G73jh with a Radeon hd series 5870. Installed the game. Logged in, and then screen turns black and force to power off; Just recently i uninstalled my video card driver and rebooted and re-installed and played maybe 2 mins of beginning of the game and the game stops, screen turns black and shuts off. But didn't shut off like it'd seem like a crash. Just turns off quietly like it was overheating maybe???
I do not have a g73, but I do have a radeon HD 5870 and I was able to install the game.

I did however have one instance where the card overheated after a few hours of game play without 'use application settings' anti-aliasing in catalyst control center. This caused screen artifacts, the nasty 'gray screen' and GPU temps in the high 70s. After setting the anti-aliasing type to use application settings, my overheating problem went away.
i also have an Asus g73jh and am having problems playing the game. I unistalled my video drivers as well the reinstalled them. I can play sometimes for a couple of hours and nothing will happen and other times I can play for 15 mins then crash
I have the G73Jh and having the same as everyone else, I've tried to download the latest driver for the HD 5870 but still it wont run for more than 15 minutes.
Same problem with the ASus G73jh and ATI HD 5870.
The computer shut down after a random time. It's so frustrating... :(
G73jh ASUS
the only issue i have is the graphics on SOME screens i get a lot of red in the outline of items. have played for 5 hrs and no other problems at all.
G73jh ASUS
the only issue i have is the graphics on SOME screens i get a lot of red in the outline of items. have played for 5 hrs and no other problems at all.

Update your drivers (be sure you have the updated vBios first)
Hey guys, I have the same lap top, and I'm sure you've heard 1000000 times, haey updated ur graphics card etc. Yes, this is a factor and many times you'll see and think "This driver hasn't been updated since you bought it" (probably from Best Buy or somewhere similar). That is because the "Catalyst Control Center" hasn't changed since the release of your lap top, but your driver should still be updated.

ALSO ATTENTION: If you have red pixels for particle effects, say wind, fog, smoke, houses, etc. Right click on your desktop and open your catalyst control center. Go to advanced options, go to 3D options. Set EVERYTHING u can, at "Let application decide" This makes it so ur games (like diablo) will decide what it really requires to run it beautifully.

I hope this fixes everything or something for someone. I jumped through many loops and stupid tech people to figure it out on my own. Good luck.
I myself have a Asus G73jh with a stock graphic driver (just because of the !@#$ty problem with ATI card on this model) and everything run perfectly fine on maximum quality. I'm getting around 60fps no matter how many mobs are on the screen (around 130fps in town).

However my G73 have once suddenly shutdown during the game (lost 2 rares if i remember correctly) but I suspect it is because of overheating issue (same problems happen when i play Dota2). I suspect the thermal paste on the CPU has dried out since I've used this laptop for over a year and there's no heating issue whatsoever before.

Based on my experience, leave the graphic driver on stock (the one you find on the Asus support site), I've tried a lot a official and modified drivers from both ATI and guru3d, while some will work, most of them will make you to reinstall everything :)) Sure the stock driver does not well support for newer game, but its the most stable one I've seen so far.

After all the bull!@#$ of this, I'll give up ATI and going back to NVIDIA.
thats another thing, don't update your drivers at ATI or w/e. IF YOU HAVE A LAPTOP, most likely you will need to download your drivers from the company. Go to ASUS and download your ATI driver from there. thanks friends.
I have a g73jh and it crashes 5 minutes into Diablo 3 every time. I downloaded and installed the 12.4 ati drivers (it also crashed with the old 11.3 drivers that came with the machine) and installed the 12.4 driver fix as well.

In my catalyst settings, under 3d, I have everything set to use application settings and disable Catalyst AI.

First of all, are there any other settings I should be setting?

Second, what driver version are people using that works? Where did you get the driver (link, please)? What is the filename of the downloaded driver?

Thank you.

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