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Trying to download the game from the site, as I am one of the annual pass people who received the game. Whenever I try to install I get this error.

Error: The File "C://Program Files/Diablo III/Updates/d3-0-9558-Win-Final.MPQ" is corrupt.

Tried redownloading like 5 times now. Same error each time.
I got the same problem. The installer worked to a certain point, then errored. When I try to do it again on the battlenet site, I submit the birthday requirements and submit and it goes to the next page, with Diablo II STILL requiring the birthday requirement, with WoW downloads above it with multiple selections. What gives?

I've also noticed the browser indication "error on page" on nearly every battlenet page. Blizzard coders... please let someone else proof-read your coding!

At this time, I also CANNOT copy an existing character into the Mists of Pandaria beta (realm selection dropdown is BLANK!).

Is this just another way Blizzard is trying to snag more money from devout players? (IE: PAY for the physical game discs and NOT have these issues?)

Blizzard (Activision) doesn't realize (yet) how many long-time players they've chased away due to coding problems. *SIGH*
im trying to download this update and it keeps saying the file is corrupt please try and download it again but nothing happeneds it keeps saying its corrupt what do i do.
Ive got the same problem cant fix it and cant play - thought that someone may know what to do and I brought the physical disc and still having the problems, It spoils a great game.
Just delete the listed file and start the launcher again.
Worked for me, thank you!

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